Cracked and Bleeding: Why Do I Have Dry Blood in My Nose?

Are you a vampire? No, seriously, are you? Because having dry blood in your nose is not normal for us mere mortals. But don't worry, there are plenty of other explanations that don't involve fangs or immortality. In this article, we'll explore why your nose is bleeding and what you can do about it.

Cracked and Bleeding: Why Do I Have Dry Blood in My Nose?

Anatomy Lesson Time

Before we dive into the possible causes of dry blood in your nose, let's do a quick review on the anatomy of our nasal cavities. The inside of our noses are lined with delicate tissues called mucous membranes which help to keep the area moist and healthy.

There are also small blood vessels located close to the surface of these membranes. When these vessels become irritated or inflamed, they can burst and cause a bloody nose (also known as epistaxis). Sometimes, instead of fully bleeding out through your nostrils (gross), some of the blood dries up before exiting - causing that dry crusty feeling (double gross).

The Usual Suspects

So why would those little guys be getting all riled up anyway? Here are some reasons:

Dry Air

Ever wonder why vampires always seem to originate from Transylvania where it's cold and damp? Yeah well maybe they just had allergies during allergy season ok? Just sayin'. Dry air can cause irritation and inflammation within your nasal passages leading to bloody noses.


Speaking of allergies though...the great outdoors may not always agree with everyone's respiratory system. This irritation/inflammation/etc caused by allergens or something else going haywire could lead right back around to more bloody snoot symptoms.

Spicy Food

You know when you eat spicy food like hot sauce or curry chicken dance but then all those flavorful juices loop-de-loop straight uphill into your sinuses? That's another common cause of bloodiness.


Got into a pillow fight a little too hard, huh? Trauma to your nose can cause some serious damage and bleedy consequences. High impact sports, sudden falls, car accidents are all potential reasons for your nasal vessels losing their cool.

Risk Factors

In addition to the aforementioned culprits, there are several factors that put you at higher risk for getting dry blood in your nose:

  • Having naturally thin and/or delicate nasal membranes
  • Recent surgery or injury to the face/nose area
  • Taking certain medications such as aspirin and anti-coagulants
  • Being exposed to chemical irritants on a regular basis

Prevention Tips

If dry bloody noses have become more than just an occasional annoyance for you (perhaps approaching Count Chocula levels), here are some things you can try out:

Humidify Your Home/Room

Humidifying may help keep those delicate mucous membranes moist so they don't crack as easily.. Finally put those essential oils on blast!

Identify Recognizable Triggers

As described above these triggers which include spicy food, allergies etc.Respectfully sharing with family & colleagues particular nasal sensitivity might help diminish external risks.Though let them know it is not because of any inherent weakness but instead an opportunity to get closer together..

Lubricating Through Saline Sprays

Using saline sprays helps keep areas adequately moist aiding other treatments by loosening hardened material inside.Therefore reducing overall blockages.

There are also over-the-counter ointments available specifically designed for use within the nostrils. They're nearly unnoticeable and quickly soothe agitation caused by interior friction .Though opinion remains divided based upon different individuals opinions relating applicability.

Finally while future methods do still carry great potential;for right now we should be thankful that we at least have modern medicine available to solve the issue of dry and bloody noses.Remember your age old Grandma remedy might not give a lasting solution though it sure doesn't hurt anyone to try .👀

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