Cracking the Fertility Mystery: Why Is It So Hard to Conceive?

Are you one of those couples struggling to hear the sound of tiny feet? Do you find yourself wondering how on earth a bun in the oven happens for other people but not for you? Well, as someone who's just read too much about fertility issues, I can tell that it's not always easy. Trying to conceive and facing infertility is a pretty stressful and frustrating situation - which may prompt questions like "Why me?" or "What am I doing wrong?".

Cracking the Fertility Mystery: Why Is It So Hard to Conceive?

How Does Fertility Work Anyways?

Before jumping into why fertility can be difficult, let's quickly review what takes place when everything goes right firstly. Babies are brought into this world through a process called reproduction. Simply put, this entails an egg from Mommy meeting up with sperm from Daddy after fondling parts (not gonna go into details here) in order that they might unite their respective genetic materials and create an embryo which will grow inside Mommy until he/she/they are big enough to leave her uterus sometime around WEEK 40 /of pregnancy/.

To accomplish this ultra-cool phenomenon said pair have got only gotta work hard at the correct time over Ms. Menstrual Cycle since fertilization cannot happen every day; girlies usually start ovulating (releasing eggs) once per cycle approximately midway between periods--or round Day fourteen if cycles are 28 days long--and possess abundant baby-acquiring juices during these times out-juicing stage! Ideally Papa’s troops must secure passage back home within TWENTY FOUR HOURS though– otherwise probabilities i.e., his soldiers die without any form of recuperation first-aid.

The Most Common Causes of Infertility

When there seems no result despite all best efforts culminating from two individuals' intense strength combined sparking procreation-conducive passion according secret instructions cooked up by Dr. Google, it is referred to as infertility. The truth's that around one in every ten couples across the world endure this discomforting experience (and if you're reading this article statistically speaking these odds include you)!

Infertility comes under two categories: male and female factor; however, they are not mutually exclusive. Below are listed some of most likely causes with potential treatments already out there:

Irregular Ovulation

Ovaries may produce fewer egg-carrying follicles than normal or work erratically sometimes because of abnormalities stemming from congenital disorders (birth defects) up-to- advanced age-side influences taking their toll such as smoking too much weed while binge-watching 'The Office' on Netflix for hours undisturbed… In either case hormones might be stimulated using clomiphene citrate which can increase production leading eventually ovulation restoration...


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) could also result in irregularity since it initiates atypical hormone fluctuations preventing people comfortably conceive without carefully considering external aides alongside lifestyle changes like advocating healthy diet choices exercising regularly-medication etc...definitely worth discussing diagnosis/issues thoroughly so physician know exactly what rely upon.

Sperm Issues

On the other hand Papa Bear’s troops might have troubles of their own entering vagina before expediting pre-rapid journey first where they concentrate exclusively on developing muscular strength-minecraft skills navigating tricky obstacles-line farmhouses and oilrigs alike subsequently gaining speed quickly closing distance between themselves target thus failing dismally due low sperm count/poor motility complication instead tightly grouping together forming an indestructible wall blocking preferred passage/chemotaxis ability obstacle hinders chances fertilization success…So Male Infertility Foundation suggests visiting a urologist who shall assess any issues relating testosterone levels damage sustained within Gonads/varicoceles cancer/morphological anomalies amongst others + possible courses action fixes including repeat semen analysis.

Damaged or Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Fertilization might not occur when egg cell flounders wandering unfertilized through blocked tubes or damaged via infections/endometriosis twisting their way toward uterus... Consulting healthcare professional conduct pelvic exam-ultrasound tests-hysteroscopy/laparoscopy ascertain severity damage & determine approximate location interference expunged surgically sending happy lil’ swimmers and Mommy’s eggs meet for once-in-a-lifetime dinner date in utero before changing life forevermore with one kiss!


Endometriosis is an excruciatingly painful gynecological disturbance which involves rapid proliferation uterine cells growing internally, thus causing inflammation/pain resulting possible infertility! It occurs frequently but early intervention may increase opportunities preserving fertility since laparoscopic surgical treatments exist can systematically remove endometrial implants… therefore discussing symptoms as soon diagnosed must be talked about medical specialist right away especially if too horrendous handle absentee-work days quit gym bing watching ‘friends from college' makes everything feel better…

The Bottom Line

Oh boy, gonna stop here before I go on a rant against biology. The truth's that many factors could impact your ability to conceive, and it is impossible to understand all reasons why the body behaves the way it does. That being said though when preconception plans do not yield desired results (if you know what I mean) don't give up hope just yet; knowing what gift hopefully assists aforementioned spark doctors/midwives themselves focused mitigating chances having healthy pregnancy-baby (fingers crossed). Remember there’s always somebody else experiencing something similar finding success eventually so perhaps look into support groups/speaking someone like qualified therapist gaining renewed spirit ready face future challenges head-on-armed proper knowledge-guidance-the occasional Netflix cure/addiction?! (Kidding..maybe)

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