Crying during pregnancy: Can it harm your baby?

Pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride full of emotions, and tears are often part of the deal. But some women might worry that crying during pregnancy can harm their baby. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the subject and explore whether there's any truth to these fears.

Crying during pregnancy: Can it harm your baby?

The Science Behind Tears

Before we dive into whether crying can impact your baby, let's talk about why we cry in the first place. Believe it or not, there's actually science behind our tears!

Tears serve several purposes - they help keep our eyes moist and lubricated, for one thing. And when we cry due to emotions like sadness or joy (or hormones), our body releases endorphins as a response to those feelings.

This helps explain why many people feel better after having a good cry - thanks to those endorphins, you might even feel euphoric afterwards!

Hormones During Pregnancy

So what makes pregnancy such an emotional time? A multitude of things, but chief among them would be hormonal changes within your body.

During pregnancy, your hormone levels skyrocket as your body prepares for childbirth and nursing. This flood of hormones causes mood swings that may lead you to laugh one minute and burst into tears with little cause in the next (like watching cat videos on youtube).

While these fluctuations are perfectly normal (if not always pleasant) symptoms associated with being pregnant ,this intense emotional state is also exacerbated by life events which can add stress- something moms-to-be certainly don't need more off !

Is It Harmful To Cry During Pregnancy?

Okay so now let’s get down to business – does crying while carrying-a-kid hurt depending on how much I tear up? Fortunately for all you blubbering mommas out there: No! So go ahead —let 'er rip !

According to research studies conducted in 2010, crying while pregnant isn't harmful to your baby. Congrats ! You now have the green light from scientists which kinda-sorta means you can cry all day and not worry about causing any harm. (ed.note: don’t do it)

In fact, one study actually concluded that crying may even be beneficial for both you and your little one since tears help boost the immune system – something much needed when carrying a human inside . Moreover teary-eyes increased prolactin levels (a hormone involved in milk production) so again - thank those hormones because apparently they got things sorted out.

So what does this mean for moms-to-be? Essentially, if you're feeling emotional during your pregnancy, feel free to let it out through healthy channels like journaling or talking with friends/family , doctors recommend as long as possible not letting yourself get caught up where distractions might lead to accidents etc.

Emotional Regulation During Pregnancy

Just because crying during pregnancy won't harm your little bundle of joy doesn't mean some women might feel bothered by their uncontrollable emotions.. This is completely normal! And there are ways that you can regulate these feelings…

  1. Talk About Your Feelings - Expressing how you feel invokes feelings of empathy amongst people around ;so talking helps blow off steam 2.Get Rest - Tiredness often leads emotions being hard to manage 3.Exercise- A good workout releases endorphins making us happier 4.Relaxation Techniques such as meditation or yoga can also be really helpful.

The important thing is locating what works best for you since every momma-to-be has her own cure .


Pregnancy associated blues could very well cause frequent tear-shedding sessions but contrary to popular belief - shedding a river’s volume won’t hurt our babies!

Therefore next time anyone makes a scene at the supermarket aisle over 'out-of-stock-pickles' rejoice in the knowledge that science has got your back!

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