Curing Dry Skin: What to Put on a Newborn’s Skin

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting! It’s exhilarating, mind-boggling, and exhausting all at once. But one thing that’s bound to give you sleepless nights is when your precious little angel develops dry skin.

Dry skin can be frustrating, as no amount of cuddles or love seems to cure it. While there are several reasons why your newborn might develop dry skin ranging from environmental factors such as cold weather or overheated home conditions, some babies simply have naturally drier skin than others.

Fear not new parents! We’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to ease and treat dryness in newborns, with tips and tricks that we’ve personally tested on our tiny tots.

Before we dive into what you should put on your baby's sensitive skin, let's understand what causes dryness:

Understanding the Causes behind Dry Skin

  1. Winter Woes

If you’re experiencing winter chills in full force outside, chances are the same condition is taking over inside your home – resulting in excessive heat usage which leads to moisture deprivation for delicate areas like lips and cheeks.

  1. Bathing Basics

When it comes down to bathing practices for infants with softer looking features - drawing too long contrasting bath temperature for prolonged duration is bound to strip their own natural oils damaging their acid mantle… something nobody wants!

  1. Skin Type

Newborn babies are known for having different types of skins- usually classified under 4 categories comprising of Normal (Healthy Demographics), Oily (Eruptive spot issues), Combination (Hyperactive sebaceous gland producing T-zones like mild complexions) & Sensitive/Allergic

Now that you know what causes frequent breakouts leading up till flaky patches combined with red texture lines across sensitive targets including chest folded layers along onesie zipper line down till diaper region. Let's get to the main topic:

List of Moisturizing Remedies

Coconut Oil:

The it product with endless moisturization properties, also doubles as an antibacterial elixir! Applying this on cracked skin formations will essentially act as a petroleum jelly alternative.

Please be careful, while coconut oil has well-known benefits in combating eczema and other dermatological conditions - adding it layer by layer can lead to pore clogging leading up till aggravation of pimples or acne conditions.

Petroleum Jelly:

If coconut oil isn't doing enough for your little one’s dry skin, you might want to try this thick ointment that acts as water-friendly barrier against multiple environmental irritants namely cold weather, winter cracks & continuous wetness from drool or rolled over milk. This would keep your baby’s bottom happy during diaper changes!

However… applying petroleum jelly excessively is linked with respiratory issues so you may need to avoid using it around their face..

Day-Wise Routine Checklist

So now we know what helps alleviate dryness when applied but let's delve into how frequently should one incorporate these moisturizing remedies. Here are our recommended day-wise skincare routines:

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Friday
Apply Coconut Oil After Bathing Slept Early- More Sleep = Less Skin Tiredness Over The Night Mild Lotion Session (baby oils are okay too) Bathe non heated Water Take some time off

It's important to note... sleeping in soft attire could lower inflammation risk due to rubbing against rough fabrics.... keep them snug and hydrated with ample fluids throughout the entire week!!

And breathe... maintaining healthy creamy complexion simply comes down enjoy the special bond parents share whilst keeping eyes open peeled for any/all allergies building up!!

What Not to Use on Your Baby's Skin

As much as it’s important to know what should be used for your newborn, you should equally beware of the items that must not be applied, such as:

  1. Lanolin Creams

Despite being a plant derivative - its eczema combating benefits does not sit well with dogs (it has been found in breast milk and therefore can affect babies through hormones even). Additionally however despite providing a healthy glow/nourishing skin initially; lanolin-based products actually add more fuel towards fungal infections including thrush or yeast which promotes dermatological allergies when left uncured.

  1. Perfumed Products

Atkinson’s Lavender scent & Even Johnson&Johnson lavander scents are quite popular… WE KNOW!!!

But please only use fragrances created specifically for infants which have undergone proper testing and certification!

  1. Cleaning Lotion Overdoses

Using utility product overuse drastically increases chemical absorption/oil-removal resulting in dehydration - so steer clear of household cleaning agents... stick with mild water temperature baths!!

The Bottom Line...

Having witnessed this traumatic phase almost every mother parent goes through... we understand concerns toward nutritional deficiencies impacting skins' natural moisture levels among other health issues formed by several factors ranging from weather climates to changing dermal layers…

However, do not worry because keeping up diligent skincare routines filled with these trustworthy organic remedies- COCONUT OIL AND PETROLEUM JELLY will lead you to breathtaking outcomes soon enough!

Now settle down folks.. grab some popcorn and soak up moments passed with your bundles of joy while following our guide on remedial steps necessary when treating dry skin amongst infants.

So parents take notes: applying these healing resources regularly combined diligently sticking towards check-in schedules approximately equals painless smooth sailing starting right now!!

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