Decoding Ear Piercing: What’s the Regular Gauge?

Are you considering getting an ear piercing but feeling like a fish out of water? Fear not, dear reader, as we dive into the world of ear piercing gauges - one stud at a time. Not sure what gauge is best for your first piercings or confused by all the different numbers floating around? Read on to know more!

Decoding Ear Piercing: What

First Things First: What Is An Ear Gauge?

Before getting dizzy with all those numbers and sizes, let us understand what an ear gauge really is. An ear gauge, also known as an ear tunnel and sometimes even referred to as a flesh tunnel, is basically an opening in your pierced earlobe that accommodates jewelry such as plugs and tunnels.

The Staggering Variety Of Ear Plug Gauges

Ear plug gauges are available in multiple different sizes ranging from 20g to 00g (and beyond!). Each size increment corresponds to approximately 0.05mm increase in diameter so don’t worry if math wasn't your strongest suit!

Standard Piercing Size: 20G

The most common size for freshly-pierced ears would be the standard piercing size – which typically is a stud-sized needle that can go up anywhere between 18G-22G though it’s usually preferred t be done using a 20G needle.

The “One-size-fits-all” Approach With The Average Gauge Size

If you feel like playing safe or unsure which pierced earring gauge size suits you better, then opting for the good old average "one-size-fits-all" option could prove beneficial. At roughly around👇

|------------------------------| | Length In Inches | |------------------------------| | --- .04 ---- | • •

whatever number comes after .04 represents your One true love!

Breaking Down Bigger Gauges

The next size up from 20G is usually 18G (1.0mm), followed by the numbers decreasing until we reach 00G which is around nearly a centimeter in diameter(!) For those of you who need some perspective, that's approximately the weight that a typical rechargeable AA battery holds. I'll give you some time to let that sink in.

|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Gauge Size | Millimeters | |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 20 G | .8 mm | | 18 G | 1.o mm | • • • and yes, even…

The Monstrous Ear Gauge: Known As “00-Gauge”

A whopping brownie point if you had seen this coming - but yes! All other options out there pale in comparison when it comes to the Chuck Norris of ear gauges – the notorious and cavernous 00-gauge 😱 Voila! When punctured to an astonishing <10mm diameter, it’ll make sure everyone knows who wears their crown ‘round these parts.

We’re Not Done Yet!

But wait, there’s more? You bet! Aside from plug gauges mentioned above, there are tons of other variations out there like looped piercings or custom-made single-piece jewelry with different threading styles:

Captive Bead Rings

Captive bead rings have a captive bead held between the two ends of its circular shape making for easy home removal which involves no forceps sounds terrifying definitely not that tricky.

Closure Rings

As opposed to piercing through your earlobe like regular studs or dilating them into large round cavities as tunnels do closure rings use pressure-fit mechanisms – similarly designed to those snap poppers 👌🏼– thus taking on whatever gaping hole size your heart desires.

…Wait, There’s More Beyond That Too!

It’s difficult to say if the number of possible ear-piercing jewelry options is even countable this phrase is winking at you choose what best matches your style whatever it may be!

Wrapping Up Ear Piercing Gauges

Ear piercings can range from standard-sized studs meant for everyday-wear, to huge gauges that are a definitive commitment. Make sure to work out the kinks with a professional piercer— never attempt something like this on your own since sherpas aren’t really in vogue these days and herding lost souls down precarious paths have become obsolete.

Remember: Using some witty Terminology only makes your seemingly boring subject come across sexier than Joey Tribbiani stumbling upon an early 2000s Maxim magazine issue -BING-TIPOVER😉

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