Decoding the Mystery: What Are Those Two Bumps on Back of Head?

Have you ever run your hand through someone's hair and felt two small bumps on the back of their head? Did you wonder what they could be? Don't worry; it's not a sign that they're an alien trying to communicate with extra-terrestrial life. Those bumps are actually quite common, but most people have no idea why they exist.

Decoding the Mystery: What Are Those Two Bumps on Back of Head?

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the curious case of those two bumps and explore what scientists believe may be causing them.

The Anatomy Lesson

Before we get started in our investigation as amateur detectives aspiring for answers at the end of these questions, let us first examine some context about our head anatomy. Our skull comprises many bones that come together to form different parts such as cranium and mandible. Comprising eight cranial bones between which blood vessels, nerves plus other structures escape is an opening occipital bone or foramen magnum located closer towards the posterior aspect(Extreme lower part)of the skull base where medulla oblongata lies giving rise to spinal cord through which all bodily functions cross either ascending/descending levels via appropriate tracts after getting processed/analyzed/fine-tuned in respective levels up/down from cerebrum(distal)/brainstem(proximal). Apart from being one massive fortress over our brain another feature is lesser known yet fascinating leaving everyone puzzled: They've got bumpy heads! But why do people have these mysterious bumps?

Without further ado let's put on detectives' hat determine once & for all what those lumps proliferating human skulls truly signify!

The Advanced Alien Explanation

Most probably every TV series filled with fiction has had its fair share of aliens depicted having raised lines across their scalp which aid them during communication facilitating better reception/transmission using sciences beyond human understanding whose mechanism can only around to genuine extreme rather than scripted scenes so unless it's real life /simulation such beliefs are destinated to their fictional universe.

The Acute Angling

Have you ever seen a swordfish? Their immense and pointed bill is perfect for angling in the deep sea. Well, human heads may not be as sleek or streamlined as that of this big fish, but they also have something similar going on with regards to occipital protuberances which are often referred to colloquially & lovingly known as back knobs! These bumps protrude from the base of the skull and extend in line an anatomical reference point named opisthion (which lies precisely where spinal cord exits cranial vault at lowermost portion- inferior border) thus serving similarly elongated bony extensions.

Reports suggest that these protuberances can indicate certain inclined positioning while individuals rest face down since any upward bend must complicate an already dependent neck/head posture leading towards fatigue/muscle stiffness etc. Though there haven't been enough evidence-based studies confirming this theory let alone unique cases sharing correlation/overlapping experiences validating accuracy readers're now smarter regarding angle ergonomic benefits involving those beguiling bumps from perspective of physiotherapists if clients experience issues related to their workplace chairs/cushions promoting consistent flexion between cervical-thoracic spines far better placement needs noticing quickly removing risks inherent chronicity problems occurring. Unsurprisingly without people realizing why extra padding behind desk could get rid well hidden disorder impact lives considerably!

The Hormone Hypothesis

Every individual has different hormones coursing through their body, secreted by endocrine glands like pituitary gland, hypothalamus& thyroid among many others throughout our lifespan starting right from inside womb itself causing specific differences among sexes(by affecting reproductive organs or secondary characteristics like pubic hair, Adam's apple formation & facial features over time). Some researchers believe that hormonal changes during puberty promote the growth of these bumps. The theory is that they could be related to an increased production of testosterone or estrogen, depending on whether you're a male or female.

Not only does this hypothesis shed light on those two bumpy aliens resting atop posterior head but also explains one other fascinating feature happening in between ages from adolescence- young adulthood which affects rough & tumble skin blemish-reducing coveted formulas e.g some male pattern baldness tendencies etc., influencing both moods and behaviours thanks largely to fluctuations within endocrine system itself promoting developmental differences such as muscle mass over nourishment making its way into your brain — now that's what we call multitasking!

Conclusion: Science at Play

In conclusion we have heavily dived into multiple hypotheses based upon human anatomy/physiology along with several scientific papers available scrutinizing closely topography & predictive factors creating mystery behind currently enigmatic backside bumps in adult heads worldwide while attempting to uncover proven yet enthralling alternatives reasons why they exist pondering what lies ahead however my speculation reminds oneself that even though mysteries years past present future call investigator our planet being filled with new phenomenon awaiting discovery by next generation detectives adventurers their arrival time can't come soon enough!

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