Deconstructing Delight: How to Take Apart Little Tikes Playhouse

If you're looking for a fun adventure (and some free wood) then look no further! In this article, we will be discussing how to deconstruct and disassemble a Little Tikes playhouse. These colorful structures may have brought joy to your children at one point, but now that they've outgrown it, it's time to take it apart and properly dispose of the material.

Deconstructing Delight: How to Take Apart Little Tikes Playhouse

The Tools Needed

Before diving into the guide on taking apart a little tikes playhouse. It is important first to prepare all necessary tools.

To do the job right here are some materials needed:

  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Wrench or pliers (depending if metal screws were used)
  • Power Drill with Philips drill bit
  • Screwdriver

Now, let’s begin!

Step One - Find A Partner

Deconstruction can be physically challenging without help or an assistant; finding someone who wants to help shouldn’t be difficult. Give them eye protection and gloves as well so they won't complain during our dismantling process.

It's also important not to hire any professional assistance because where is the challenge in that? Plus extra expenses would incur!

Step Two – Remove Accessories

Some models come equipped with flowers hanging above the door frame or mailboxes attached on one side of their house walls. These must first remove before disassembling anything else. We do not want these accessories accidentally getting stepped on destroyed beyond repair.

If there are any tents overhanging from inside-out/roof/outward direction untie both knots simultaneously while holding wooden frames firmly with grip gloves so as not lose balance - despite being two people working together progress could easily get slow down when anything goes wrong! Once taken off place gently aside ground level until entire structure has been dematerialized thereafter decide whether these fixed tiny decorations needn’t be thrown away or kept instead.

Step Three - Remove Roof & Walls

Using the power drill with Philips bit, remove all screws holding roof panels together and start taking off from one edge at a time until it’s fully separated into pieces.

Taking walls down might take some more effort due to being bulky structures; hence it'd be best if you dismantle them in stages as follows:

  • Start first by removing any screws on the sides of door frame then continue moving around wooden frames right up-to corners.
  • Once loose enough, ask an assistant to hold wooden frames firmly while continuing removing what is left using a screwdriver.
  • The side panel helps support the roof above so always remember not to unscrew parts carelessly during this step.

With roofs and walls removed our Little Tikes playhouse should look like something out of 'Hansel & Gretel' movie minus gingerbread!

Step Four – Floorboards && Structure

Moving onto floorboards we can go ahead and remove these now since by then should visually see structure held together only by metal pins/bolts or just simply short screws nonetheless this depends entirely on original manufacturer's building method for your children's toy-house but let’s proceed under assumption everyone else still following same instructions thus far.

The floorboard will either have been secured along each corner connecting with wall panel via metal plug/socket joints which would eventually require being taken apart using wrench/pliers. Alternatively, fixed tiny nails otherwise if lucky locked within just 2 tabs requiring little force pull nails up separating from aligned holes before disassembly starts becoming too difficult due wear/tear reasons mentioned earlier regarding items used over long period thereby becoming brittle fragile beyond repair.

Start looking for columns/pillars setup placed vertical angles supporting main framework forming foundation beneath entire rooftop design these also steadied floors in place during wobbles/trembles.

Our goal here is to be able to remove them as well but first let’s focus more on soft/hard-wooden components starting from wherever your playhouse starts fall apart while visualizing structure held together for whatever strength had hitherto remained intact.

Step Five – Storage

Now that everything's broken down, by picking up pace towards end if fully exhausted then. Group all similar pieces i.e woods, metal screws etc. each into own container before stacked unit neatly arranged plus lightweight enough lift easily without strain!

Once this step has been fulfilled, you have completed dismantling the Little Tikes playhouse efficiently!


Deconstructing a toy house may seem daunting, but it’s an excellent way to recycle and make use of material otherwise wasted; plus thinking about how much money saved makes process even worthwhile especially when possible keep toys in prime condition through careful handling regular cleaning implemented at appropriate intervals boosts longevity plus ensures child safety kept intack anytime kids engage outdoor activity zones where such structures were placed or erected initially for imaginative purpose of playful moments experienced uninterrupted during their innocent growing stages!

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