Demystifying the midpoint: What’s halfway through pregnancy?

Baby in the belly and what? Halfway already! Hold up! What’s halfway through pregnancy again?

Pregnancy can be exciting, overwhelming, confusing, and awe-inspiring. But one question that most parents-to-be ask is what happens at the midpoint of pregnancy. Is this where my water breaks like they show in movies or should I expect more vomiting episodes than usual?

Well, worry not because we will demystify everything you need to know about the middle of your 9-month journey.

The first trimester

The moment you realize you missed your period or felt a little dizzy after breakfast; congratulations! You are expecting!

The first trimester typically lasts from week one to week twelve (duh) and comes with some challenges. Your hormones start doing a salsa dance which could lead to morning sickness/nausea (yay).

Most women also feel exhausted (nothing beats 3 hours nap time) with tender breast/nipples for added discomfort. Your belly may not have started showing yet but trust me when I say there’s work happening beneath.

Week four - Spotting

It’s an implausible sight though some women experience spotting during their fourth week of pregnancy instead of flow bleeding typical before starting a menstrual cycle.

If it seems too heavy or continues for over two days please seek medical attention pronto

Week seven- The embryo becomes named now

Like wtf how do people name embryos?! Well folks its actually very simple, once an embryo reaches seven weeks old its officially called fetus (sounds like sweet potatoe english).

Also read: Fetus has no teeth so don’t go assuming baby likes all those culinary delights just cuz mommy does.

Week eight - Watery discharge

Hello Swamp Thing! At this stage increased vaginal discharge due to being pregnant might seem troubling but bodies adapt and it’s a sign that pregnancy is progressing as it should.

Discussed further here:

Weeks Symptoms
1-4 Spotting, Fatigue, Tender breasts and Nausea/ Morning sickness.
5-8 Baby officially named fetus (sounds better), Mood sways

The second trimester

Finally got my energy back (insert hallelujah chorus)! Congratulations on completing the first twelve weeks without major vomit spills.

In this phase which stretches from week 13 to week 27 most women feel some sort of relief with hormones trying to behave themselves (imagine hormonal teenagers).

Also reading: Little known fact but during labour doctors climb in there like Spiderman maybe we can ask for selfies with him then ????????..

Week thirteen - Get ready for “The Glow”.

For most women, their skin clears up while giving off a fresh youthful appearance hence dubbed “the glow”. Not everyone will experience this benefit so please do not hint or threaten your doctor if it doesn’t work out (I’m kidding…or am I?)

Forgot something: Have you heard of linea nigra? No? It refers to the dark line running down baby bump. Yeah baby bumps deserve nicknames too.

Week twenty - Halfway Point!

Symptoms such as nausea are expected around mid-pregnancy but hey! Congrats you’re at half mark!! In addition;

  • You might have experienced quickening also called fetal movement releases
  • Weight gain is approximately about ten pounds depending on BMI; taking into consideration though that some women give birth succeeding forty weeks gestation

Quick quiz:

What does using the term 'quickening' imply?

A) Emergency drill B) Fetal movement releases

The third trimester

Week twenty-eight marks its beginning till delivery day! Hitting this time, mothers-to-be often feel like a turtle lying on its shell, unable to physically move around for long.

A trimester that packs lots of surprises which some moms may find discomforting; including;

  • Lots of trips to the bathroom as baby uses Mama's bladder space
  • Heavy breathing due to baby being closer up towards rib cage Other remarkable third-trimester symptoms and signs include:
Weeks Symptoms
27-32 Braxton Hicks contractions
33-36 Baby's head descending into pelvis area

Deliver day countdown

It’s game day folks!! With all these weeks done and dusted and loads enlightened upon us wouldn’t it be fascinating if we could guess the exact delivery date??

But guess what? Though there are clear guidelines guiding pregnancy dating guessing is out of hands. Eat well in-between now (but not too much junk food) while anticipating (with awe!) bringing forth human life onto earth.

Week forty - The waiting game

At precisely week forty please park your bags at the birthing centre or hospital (just make sure you actually have bags ready) seeing as labour could come anytime within said week.

Note: It might occur earlier or later than expected definitely prepare early

Quick quiz:

What are Braxton Hicks contractions?

A) Preterm birth prevention drill B) "Fake" labour simulation

## Final Words

Going through nine months seems strenuous especially with unknown hormones taking over making you more emotional but remember after those thirty-six grueling weeks you’ll hold new human life in arms!

Stay informed using our happy guide above (hope y’all grinned reading this) so that when someone asks “what happens at mid-pregnancy?” You can comfortably break down all stages effortlessly (mom/ dad party trick).

Good-luck y'all!

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