Discover: Lane Bryant’s Bra Fittings – Perfect Fit Guaranteed!

Are you tired of bras that don't fit, dig into your skin or make your chest feel like a prison? You're not alone! Finding the perfect bra could be a daunting task. However, there is no need to fret anymore because Lane Bryant has got you covered.

Discover: Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant recognizes women come in different shapes and sizes, so why settle for anything less than perfect? Their bra fitting service is top-notch with expert fitters on hand to help ensure you leave their store feeling confident and comfortable. Who doesn't want boobs that feel as free as freshly laundered sheets?

The Experience

You walk into a Lane Bryant store eagerly anticipating this transformation from boring breasts to perky lady lumps. With expectation written all over your face, an experienced sales associate greets you at the door with both hands outstretched ready for that high-five!

After exchanging pleasantries (and maybe even complementing each other's outfits), they lead you through what feels like a maze of colorful lingerie before finally arriving at "the room".

"The Room" is where magic happens; it's where all bras go in but only perfectly fitted ones come out. Don't worry; we aren’t conjuring up any images of 50 Shades here (wink wink). This room comes equipped with soft lighting, plush seating areas adorned with fluffy pillows perfectly arranged just waiting for behinds to land on them.

There’s one more thing too-... just wait… beer o'clock! Yes, "The Room" some locations provide complementary adult beverages customarily designed to take off unnecessary anxiety primarily caused by breasties confusion…(yes) baffling isn’t it! Suddenly sizing guides disappear beneath misty lenses once ample hydration arrives(there’s drinking gift six days get confusing when shopping).

Now release yourself from harbored anxiety let our professionals attend your new boobies.

The Fitting

With the magical beer in hand and beautiful lighting surrounding you, it's time to get measured. The expert bra fitter leads you to a changing room where they'll take your measurements discreetly (don't worry; this won't be like those aggressive times when doctors throw smocks at your face).

They will then use their in-depth knowledge of Lane Bryant's bras (+5 if clicked on “how to put on a bra” YouTube videos last night cough cough) to suggest styles that suit YOUR shape perfectly. No generic fits here!

After selecting a few options based on both of yours ideas, different bra types such as wireless or wire-free (eh eh) demi-cups, plunge cups are introduced with even more choices likes colors or sexy lace..(raaaarw mama)And relax an age-old question is now being resolved!

So many options? Talk about overwhelming! But don’t stress! Just remember our biggest tip: To find that perfect fit wear according clothes(!) steer away from baggy tops or pullovers just because no one has seen your luscious ladies since February doesn’t mean all bets are off …but seriously could someone explain why pants need buttons 🙁

Now comes the try-on part... dun dun duuunnnn!!

The expert fitting associate helps by adjusting straps around various sections including hooks and eyes before vanishing into thin air(not really we aren't Harry Potter (snifff)) returning instead carrying you've-chosen samples(worn only once ewh!) OMG!!! it feels natural-fitting - this new human sleeve hugging me?! YES YES!!!!!! I GET IT NOW… WHO’S MAKING THOSE BUTTONED PANTS?????

Once happy with the overall look/feel(yup hips swaying), stretch arm side-to-side… bounce thirty seconds(just for fun), chest fully expanded making sure you have no bad feelings.then the expert fitter will give you their professional opinion (no bias only confidence) and suggest any further adjustments that need to be made.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

But wait! There's more!! Lane Bryant offers a 30-day perfect fit guarantee. If for some reason your bra doesn't feel as comfortable or as supportive in its natural habitat, bring it back Cheryl (yep even if Sheryl wore it) yes yesss I know not all men are called Dave too but lets just humor this ok? Bring that sneaky undergarment back within thirty days of purchase with receipt and tag attached(eew!)..goodbye bra shopping hassle (wipes off imaginary sweat)!


This is lane bryants distinctively unique service-well trained employees who care about comfort(amazing right!). They won’t let anyone leave without guaranteed satisfaction from embellishing lacy patterns to breathable materials supported by soft cushioned straps/non-itch seam’ll never consider turning back once nearing their doors!.

Lane Bryants fitting experience is fantastic - The quality, choice,&-price of bras available lead the way in the Plus size lingerie market & gives everyone an opportunity to feel sexy(& exclusive deals every so often). You're effectively taking part in improving your everyday life( brain begs to replace “life” towards something else, like lumberjacking)/confidence levels (&why not?) which isn't always obtainable when feeling self-conscious in ill-fitted clothing leading unto discomfort, long-term damage… costing astronomical amounts on producing spoilt milk - save yourself uncomfortable sleepless nights!

So why wouldn’t you head down there today?


Okay folks! That’s us.... unfortunately we can't hit up "The Room" again until tomorrow(dang taxman!),happily possible to say we've now put our hands where many hands have been before..out with comfort and say NO to boobies abuse! Here here!!!

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