Discover Mexican Style Sour Cream: What is it?

Are you in the mood for adding some spice and tang to your meals? Look no further because Mexican style sour cream is here to cater to all of your cravings.

Discover Mexican Style Sour Cream: What is it?

The Basics

If you're familiar with traditional sour cream, then consider its Mexican counterpart as its more flavorful and versatile cousin. It's also called crema Mexicana or simply crema.

Mexican style sour cream shares similarities with American-style sour cream - both are dairy products made from pasteurized heavy cream that has been fermented using specific bacteria cultures. However, there are a few differences between them that makes Mexican-style thicker, smoother, and richer in flavor profile.

How it's Made

Crema Mexicana is typically composed of pasteurized/heavy whipped/cream > bacterial culture/starter/mix + holding period (24-36 hours) until thickened/sour/black specks on top ==> Heat treating/packing/cold storage/final packaging

The fermentation process takes longer compared to American-style sour cream, which results in a silkier texture and more pronounced taste.

Furthermore, production methods influence Crema Mexicana’s distinct characteristic attributes such as viscosity/thickness/sweetness/tartness/fat content/acidity levels/color/appearance/aroma/flavor profile — all contributing factors for optimal enjoyment!

Flavor Profile & Uses

One thing that sets Mexican style sour cream apart from other types is its versatility when pairing with different cuisines. From tacos to soups or pasta dishes—this creamy condiment can brighten up almost any savory dish while enhancing flavors (without overpowering).

Tip: If you're looking for ways to add heat without sacrificing flavor balance try mixing together chipotle peppers plus adobo sauce (canned), minced garlic +lime juice+cumin+salt+ sugar >>>mix well>>> fold into the spoonfuls of your crema Mexicana or sour cream = delicious spicy depth in every bite!

Comparing to Other Sour Creams

Mexican style sour cream is much richer and slightly sweeter than its American counterpart, which makes it an excellent choice for dishes that need a little bump in flavor. Whereas, regular sour cream is more acidic and tangy.

Additionally, crema Mexicana has softer consistency compared to crème fraîche—another tangy dairy condiment originating from France—with fewer calories & fat and higher lactose count.

Health Benefits of Mexican Style Sour Cream

Many believe that consuming traditional fermented food such as sourcream can contribute towards maintaining better gut health when paired with a balanced diet. Therefore like other fermented products, Mexican style sour-cream may help promote good bacteria growth at favorable pH levels inside one's intestines.

On another note, although naturally creamy (high-fat content) —crema mexicana contains lower levels of lactose/non-lactose carbs/sugar/sodium/cholesterol compared to similar substitutes generally enjoyed atop various meals today; Additionally this thickened elixir will be unique against many store-bought varieties due to the ingredient list being shorter thus healthier!

Tip: If you are watching on calorie-intake without wanting skip out taste/spreadability/culinary creative juices replacing some heavy mayo doses + salad dressings using crema Mexico might do wonder for waistline!

Isn't that amazing? You get rich flavors while still eating healthy!


Mexican style crema may seem lesser-known among popular taco/burrito toppings -however understanding how versatile its culinary possibilities make this Tangy cousin of Classic Souream home/kitchen staple. From Cheesy soups > Sauces try experimenting few recipes with our mentioned quick hacks >discover new found love restaraunt quality eats!!!

Have you tried crema yet? Don’t hesitate to pick up a carton and try it out on your next meal. You won’t be disappointed!

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