Discover the Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness

Have you been looking for a revolutionary workout experience that will enhance your body and make you feel like a superhero? Look no further than Planet Fitness' Total Body Enhancement!

Discover the Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness

This incredible technology combines red light therapy, whole-body vibration, and massage to give you the ultimate exercise boost. In this article, we'll dive into all of the benefits of the Total Body Enhancement and how it can help you become your best self.

What is The Total Body Enhancement?

The Total Body Enhancement is an exclusive treatment offered by Planet Fitness that utilizes innovative technologies such as red light therapy, whole-body vibration, and massage to improve not just your physical fitness but also overall health.

The combination of these three elements works together to stimulate blood flow throughout your body while reducing muscle soreness after exercising. This means less stiffness in muscles which helps athletes train harder without suffering from tiredness or injury. So if you're ready to turbocharge your workouts while improving post-workout recovery time – all with minimal effort on your part – then read on!

How Does It Work?

One of the most interesting things about the total body enhancement machine is its design:

  • A stand-up capsule called "Beauty Angel" made up of vertical columns.
  • A cylindrical structure designed for meeting different requirements when being close enough to it during use
  • Two vibrating plates located on either side provide mechanical feedback through acceleration/deceleration cycles matching pulse rate when exposed under normal conditions.

But let's break down each element so we can understand them better:

Red Light Therapy

In simple terms - red light therapy involves lying underneath LED lights tuned specifically towards targeting skin cells which improves circulation & collagen production resulting in healthier; younger-looking complexion thanks due largely because increased efficiency at providing oxygenated blood supply across areas afflicted with age-related degradation or inflammation issues including rosacea susceptible people whose problems may be ameliorated plus much more!

Whole-Body Vibration

Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a new therapy technique where parts of the body are subject to oscillating vibrations known as "harmonic frequencies". This type of exercise can strengthen motor neurons & enhances proprioceptive ability produced by 'muscle spindles' lengthening at greater rates under normal conditions exposed feedback. The results include improved balance, coordination and reflex reaction time whilst reducing swelling; inflammation problems caused by osteoarthritis.


Finally - Massage therapy stimulates the lymphatic system allowing for increased drainage while benefiting patients through having benefits including parasympathetic response stimulation during treatment resulting in a deeper relaxation from life's stresses alongside lower cortisol levels experienced after each session.

Benefits Of Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness

If you're still on the fence about trying out The Total Body Enhancement, here's just some of what this fantastic machine has to offer:

● Enhanced Recovery Time

Muscles recover much faster after intense workouts with whole body vibration training than conventional weight lifting due mostly towards reduced oxygen requirements needed which means that tolerance or stamina will enhance when using.The enhanced circulation generated via Red Light Therapy aids alleviate muscle fatigue hence athletes can push harder !

● Increased Metabolic Rate

In simple terms - Whole body vibration increases metabolic rate! Full stop! Enthuses anyone looking to facilitate fat loss without putting up with same repeated workout regimens every day : it certainly takes getting used too but once mastered , its your reliable shortcut into goal attainment success guaranteed (otherwise everything written should be deemed false !)

  1. Mechanoreceptors Improving Response To Exercise
  2. Stimulate And Excite Cells Designed For Fat Burning.

Try it for yourself and see how quickly those calories start melting away right before your eyes!

● Improved Skin Tone

The underlying benefits go beyond that immediate post-workout glow personally noticed also long-term prospects due to collagen's benefits at promoting younger-looking complexion, skin elasticity (hint: fewer wrinkles) and firmness.

● Build Muscle Mass

Whole-body vibration paired with resistance training leads to muscular growth by recruiting more muscle fibers than weight lifting alone. Infact, some research suggests that in postmenopausal women , whole body vibration led to a increase of lean muscle mass by ~3% relative to results obtained through only resistance-based exercise since mechanical input varies hugely thus making way for various personalised modification options & impressive long term goals'!

So whether you're trying to bulk up or tone down; Total Body Enhancement can help get you there faster while still remaining accessible- don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity today!

Closing Thoughts

If you've been looking for an innovative new workout experience that will take your fitness game up a few notches, then the Total Body Enhancement is definitely worth checking out. With its combination of red light therapy, whole-body vibration, and massage – it truly is revolutionizing how we approach physical health and fitness.

Don't settle for mediocre workout experiences anymore when Planet Fitness has got everything covered from targeted toning right through increasing bone density levels naturally via Whole Body Vibration training plus so much more included into their one-of-a-kind boutique programs designed around boosting everyone towards success!

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