Discovering the Middle Months: What is Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Ah, the second trimester! It's like entering a buffet full of mixed emotions. You're officially done with the dreadful first trimester and finally getting closer to meeting your little one. This period is sandwiched between first-trimester queasiness and third-trimester exhaustion. Congratulations on making it past the halfway mark, mama!

Discovering the Middle Months: What is Second Trimester of Pregnancy

When Is The Second Trimester?

The second trimester starts from 13 weeks until week 28 of pregnancy. Typically this period lasts around fourteen weeks.

Say Goodbye To Morning Sickness

Thankfully, most moms usually experience some relief from morning sickness during their second semester journey after being nauseous for what felt like an eternity in the previous months.

Hormonal Changes Continue

Even though you may no longer feel sick all day long or just at random odd hours, new hormonal fluctuations could show themselves as acne breakouts and skin changes - don't worry; you're not alone here.

How Does Your Body Change During The Second Trimester?

So much happens both physically and emotionally during these middle months that we'll be surprised if you don't have questions – so grab yourself a snack before we start exploring!

A Growing Belly Button And Increased Breast Size

Your belly will rapidly expand to accommodate your growing baby – by week 20, your bump will become noticeable for everyone else too! Exciting! Additionally, breast size increases as they prepare for milk production.

Strained Pelvic Joints

You may experience pelvic pressure as your uterus stretches upwards which can cause strain on parts such as hips and pelvis joints; this is where regular stretching exercises will come in handy!

Leg Cramps (yes!)

Be prepared for leg cramps that sometimes are sudden when sleeping or even when walking sometimes (just great) but fret not because they occur due to the increased weight bearing down on your legs.

Say Hello To Glowing Skin

Your body will produce more oils to keep up with this rapid growth, which will lead to glowing skin (yay!). Don't forget to keep a strict skincare routine and avoid any harsh chemicals in beauty products that can absorb through pores.

Sleep Now While You Can!

Fatigue from the first trimester might have passed but sleep-related issues may arise due to these hormonal changes – get as much rest as possible while you still can. It's not called 'beauty sleep' for no reason!

Your Growing Baby During The Second Trimester

Apart from yours truly looking like a cute little bump right now, your baby is developing at lightning speed during the second trimester! Here are some milestones achieved:

Fingers And Toes All Accounted For

One of our favourite ultrasound pictures is where we see all ten fingers and toes - how adorable is that? Most of their development occurs between week 16-20, so make sure you're taking those ultrasound appointments seriously.

Rapid Brain Development

The neocortex area responsible for sensory perception starts growing rapidly during this period; sensory data such as visuals and sound signals start getting processed. Suddenly all those Montessori toys seem relevant.

Engaging In Sensory Experiences

Surround yourself with soothing music or read stories out loud - these sounds register early on in fetal development stages like it would outside too. Soon when they finally arrive into our crazy world, love the salt lamps and essential oil diffusers.

That's progress worth celebrating; happy dance anyone?

Prenatal Care All The Way

Important note: Always visit prenatal health care providers regularly throughout pregnancy — from eating habits/supplements recommendations (mmm chocolate ice cream) to tracking tests/ Screenings for detecting any complications before it’s late.

Regular prenatal visits ensure that the baby is growing and developing properly, and mama's health parameters are in check – A win-win situation for everyone!

And we're only halfway through our second trimester journey. Three more months to go until that sweet little nugget makes their grand arrival into the world!

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