Discovering the Origin: Where is PlanetBox Made?

Are you a lunch box enthusiast? If yes, then the chances are that you know all about PlanetBox. It's one of the most popular and healthy alternatives to plastic lunch boxes. But have you ever wondered where they're made? Well, wonder no more because we've got all the juicy details!

Discovering the Origin: Where is PlanetBox Made?

The Beginning

Our story begins in Northern California with inventor Robert Mock. He had a vision of creating a sustainable alternative to wasteful lunch packaging for his children and thus founded PlanetBox.

The Manufacturing Process

Here's how it works - sheets of stainless steel are taken through various computerized machines where they are cut, pressed, formed and welded into shape before being sent out for powder coating.

Stainless Steel Sheet Cutting

The cutting process involves using specialized saws which slice through large sheets of stainless steel like butter.

Pressing & Forming

PlanetBox maintains considerable expertise in pressing technologies as well as forming equipment capable of shaping metal right down to minute dimensions such as 1/16th-inch thick parts without damaging or bending them.


Once each individual part has been prepped via these forms processing steps that produce clean cuts on specific shapes from raw stainless steel sheet stock material (plates), welding can begin by applying arc welding tactics or “stick” methods onto each element with pin-point accuracy derived from robot assisted machines used during production periods lasting several weeks depending upon detected demands month over month per consumer markets served city-by-city throughout North America mostly; but also abroad too!

Finishing Touches

Then comes the crucial step – Powder Coating! Every single component goes through an electrostatic spraying process before it’s baked at high temperatures inside an industrial oven. This provides a durable finish that's resistant to chipping, scratching and rust!

Quality Control

Before any product leaves their facility, every single item is inspected, tested and carefully packaged to ensure consistent excellence.

Where are PlanetBoxes Made?

PlanetBox takes immense pride in being an all-American brand! Their products are not only invented but also manufactured in Northern California, United States of America!

Production Capacity

Their manufacturing facility boasts advanced robotics that help them produce up to 3 million parts per year with high precision and low waste - making them a leader in the industry.

Why Choose PlanetBox

With so many lunch box options available today, why should you choose PlanetBox? Here are just a few reasons:

  • They're eco-friendly.
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Customizable Accessories Available
  • Perfect for both kids and adults alike!

What People Have to Say About PlanetBox

Don't take our word for it here's what some of their satisfied customers have said about their experience with this innovative company:

" I bought my first 'Rover' planetbox four years ago & It still looks as good as new ! My husband liked it so much that he wanted one too!"

"I love my little planet box! Super cute and colorful (I got blue). Love how easily everything fits inside."

"The quality of these boxes is amazing. The design allows me to pack more food than I expected, which saves us money instead of eating out."

Final Thoughts

And there you have it folks - A comprehensive look into where your favorite lunch box gets made. With its unique features and environmental friendly aspects – who can blame consumers for choosing planetary when looking for alternatives? Now go pack yourself a sustenance-fueled meal in style with Planet Box by your side!

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