Does Adrian Have a Bun in the Oven?

Adrian has been acting strange these past few weeks. Her eating habits have changed, she's constantly tired, and sometimes she'll forget simple things like where she parked her car. The question on everyone's mind: does Adrian have a bun in the oven? Let's investigate.

Does Adrian Have a Bun in the Oven?

Signs Point to Yes

  • Adrian is craving pickles with peanut butter.
  • She fell asleep during an action movie that she was dying to see.
  • She keeps rubbing her tummy absent-mindedly.
  • Her phone background is now just pictures of baby animals.

All signs seem to point towards pregnancy here folks. But let’s not jump to any conclusions yet!

The Denial

When asked about the possible pregnancy, Adrian stated, "Oh me? No no no I'm definitely not pregnant - it must be something else", accompanied by a nervous laugh and shaky hands.

So what could it possibly be then if it's not our beloved food enthusiast carrying around some human luggage?

Other Possibilities:

Although unlikely, there are still other explanations for how Adrian may appear 'pregnant'.

Medical Condition:

It might be helpful for Adrian to go visit a doctor if this condition continues without an answer in sight; otherwise this may escalate into something unexpected which would be less fun than guessing whether or not they're going through nine months of labor and exhaustion.

Balloons Anyone?

We all know someone who likes balloons! Could it very well just be that day their love interest did up their apartment before beginning an excellent date night activity?? Highly doubtful but hey stranger coincidences happen every time you least expect them so never say never when explaining large belly sightings anywhere the more you know!


In conclusion we cannot definitively state whether or not our favorite starry-eyed enthusiasts are experiencing parenthood firsthand – however with good medical insight plus insights regarding potential balloon antics we've come up with, there may be more causes than pregnancy that could factor into a 'bun in the oven'. Until an official statement is released, fans and friends alike must just deal with this new mystery - it could lead to something amazing!

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