Don’t Bite These Foods if You Have Chicken Pox

Chickenpox may give you a memory of lovely scabs all over your body as a kid, but the experience is one nobody wants to relive. From the symptoms and discomfort associated with chickenpox, it's no surprise people want to do everything in their power to avoid or combat this disease. One common mistake we make while carrying out these preventive measures is ignoring what we eat.


Your diet plays an immense role in how fast your immune system fights off infections like chicken pox. Thus, knowing foods that can hinder recovery instead of jumping on them blindly may be a smart move.

Chickenpox: A Quick Overview

"The illness starts with fever," my doctor told me when I visited him about a week after developing rash-like symptoms all over my abdomen area at fifteen years old.

Unlike what most people think about the popular viral infection (chicken pox), it begins subtly without any sign of rashes for roughly two weeks before heightening into full-blown spots everywhere from your head down to your bums and even inside your mouth! Additionally, other early signs include feverish feelings and joint pains which could lead to confusion given its similarities with other illnesses.

Although there are preventative vaccines available for some individuals against chickenpox; otherwise known as Varicella-Zoster Virus(VZV). The varicella-zoster virus causes both varicella/chicken pox and Herpes Zoster/ shingles - another debilitating skin condition that usually affects adults who have previously had VZV- accordingly causing Agony level pain. When infected by Varicella-Zoster Virus( VZV )as children leaves lifelong immunity making catching Shingles much less likely.

This brings us back to the topic on hand - Foods! Considering how bad these chickenpox symptoms can be, the foods we eat may greatly impact it. Our immune systems have to work overtime preparing for chicken pox attacks as our white blood cells fight off the VZV present in our bodies.

So, going after seemingly delicious but unwholesome foods can make things worse or hamper overall recovery rate?

Here are some foods with weakening effects on your immunity and should go untouched if you have chickenpox:

Sugar-Packed Foods

Eating too many sweet treats could lead to suppressed immune function. For a time period of at least five hours post-consumption, refined sugar depletes white blood cell counts low enough to weaken the body's immunity by up to 40% compared to when not consumed.

Additionally, high sugar diets ie sucrose , fructose corn syrup (HFCS)suppress Vitamin C production - vital antioxidant that usually stimulate WBC-led fights against infections & viruses like Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV)

Avoid sweet baked goods like cakes or pastries etc.,beyond moderation during this delicate period .


Plant-derived sweeteners like maple syrup or organic honey would serve better replacements while keeping good taste alive.

Spicy Foods

For lovers of spicy cuisine who already feel betrayed by recent findings highlighting its healthy benefits; Another issue arises:Spicy dishes typically contain capsaicin which is capable of irritating exposed skin - Skin individuals with Chicken Pox struggle toilette torched given already present rash across upper dermis areas. The sensation discomforting brought about spread into genito-anal parts causing Agony-in-reproduction-levels ..some report damaging consequences due excessive scratching around those tender areas .

Consuming amounts beyond tolercation levels can extent rashes and delay recovery times pretty quickly standing chances triggering resentful eyes comments from disgruntle/hungry co-patients.


For individuals who can't do without some kick on their tongues, milder alternatives ensuring consistency that prevent instances of extreme chilie-induced irritation would be advisable.

Processed/Preservative-laden Foods

Processed foods come with significant disadvantages to our health. For one, they contain preservatives like sodium found in many canned meat or fish-based products which pose risks to hypertensive individuals .Additionally ;

These non-natural food product types usually contain poor fats like hydrogenated oils and trans-fats linked majorly to inflammation attacks credited for insulin resistance, cancer development gastrointestinal infections & low nutrients or vitamins intake.

Hence settling for nutrient-dense options plentiful specifically ones containing anti-bacterial agents useful fighting against opportunistic infections .


Fruits and lean protein are much better choices than consuming processed goods.


In conclusion, what you consume during Chicken Pox episodes matter a great deal more than most people think. Consuming sugar-filled desserts/sweets; excessively spicy dishes; saturated fatty acids prevalent in most processed snacks negatively impact recovery reports implicitly weakening immune response systems.

Thus , moderating consumption of copious amounts optimal while loading up on healthier options fueling body's warrior cells maximizing your likelihood a speedy recovery.

Now that you've learned about what not-to-eat if diagnosed with chickenpox go ahead make healthy eating habits throughout enjoy full recoveries when hit by this infectious illness(hopefully there will not next time)/sarcasm'.

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