Double the Joy: Baby Shower for Second Child

Having a second baby is twice the joy, even though it might mean double the trouble as well. Congratulations! It’s time to celebrate this new addition to your family with a memorable baby shower. But wait, you’ve already done this before! The first time was fun and exciting, but what about now? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some fresh ideas that are sure to make your ‘Double the Joy’ baby shower just as special as the first.

Double the Joy: Baby Shower for Second Child

Choose a Different Theme

Themes set the tone for any party, so why not try something different than what you did last time?

  • Mythical Creatures - Because unicorns and dragons never go out of style.
  • A Gender Reveal Party - If you didn't do one before.
  • Animal Safari Adventure - This theme works wonders with cute little animals everywhere.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Bring out all those star-shaped decorations within reach.

Include Older Sibling in Your Celebration

Your older child might feel left out from all that attention going towards their newborn sibling during and after birth. Involve them in your celebrations too!

Pro-tip: Order special big brother/sister t-shirts online or get DIY sets.

Here's how:

  1. Organize easy game activities which include older siblings
  2. Ask them to hand over gifts
  3. Request help assembling décor ideas (under supervision)

Keep it Simple

Being pregnant second-time around isn't an easy feat—neither is taking care of an additional child while preparing for such events —thus Do Not push yourselves beyond limits while planning anything elaborate or risky like skydiving games or bungee-jumping together.

But there are still ways to rejoice without doing much…

Virtual Parties Work Too!

With everyone feeling comfortable about virtual meetups following pandemic crisis across boundaries...Virtual Baby Showers can be more inclusive and cost-effective as well. Here's how to organize yours!

  • Set a platform in advance like Zoom, Skype or Google Meet.
  • Draw up guest list with mom-to-be of the hour & select preferred method for invite mailing either email or postcards
  • Challenge guests ahead of time “Guess the baby’s name” or "guess my baby bump size"
  • Live Stream from Amazon Wishlist opening gifts received earlier

Recycle Older Decorations

There is no shame in recycling! Sure those older decorations might seem outdated now but that doesn't make them irrelevant even now.

Don’t throw away anything only because it was previously used:

Consider this:

  1. Use any available Balloons, old streamers and wall hangings
  2. DIY decoration opportunities using household items e.g., stretch your colorful fabrics over wire hoops to make fabric mobiles that can hangover corners.

Gift Registry Vs Baby Showers Gifts - The Second Time Around

Some may wonder about etiquette surrounding second children Baby showers—hence instead of registering traditional way consider some usual necessities you would require being new parents again such as diapers, bibs etc rather than toys/clothes since you already have many from first pregnancy event; save yourself hassle whilst encouraging practicality among guests.

Alternatively Pick one theme item such as strollers/ tandem carriers which come handy while taking two little ones at once…you get the idea right?

Twinning Announcement Ideas

Organize clever twins announcements encompassing both babies into attention, without too much additional effort…

Here are some thoughts:

  1. Duo Photo Session – Cute shots showcasing your infants lying next to each other nestled snug within a fun setting alongside props
  2. Unique Creations – designing similarly themed dresses/shirts especially for them including Common Fairy tale persons as prince charming (one mini replica for boy/girl)
  3. Get Creative with Food options like emphasizing famous twin duos to serve- Chips/Nacho with salsa, FriesKetchup, PB&J sandwiches etc.


Second-time around Baby Showers can be just as fun and memorable as the first! With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you are ready to enjoy double the joy of welcoming another addition into your family.

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