Doula Dreams: How to Get Hired as a Professional Birth Assistant

Are you passionate about helping women through the miracle of childbirth? Do you crave the adrenaline rush that comes with being in the delivery room? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that's not enough. Becoming a professional birth assistant, or doula as we like to call it, takes more than just enthusiasm and a strong stomach. Lucky for you, I’m here to spill all my secrets on how to get hired as a doula!

Doula Dreams: How to Get Hired as a Professional Birth Assistant

Get Certified

I know what you’re thinking – “But wait! Aren’t doulas just glorified friends who hold hands during labor?” Trust me; there’s so much more involved than hand-holding (although holding hands is an essential skill). Many hospitals require their doulas be certified by reputable organizations such as DONA International or CAPPA. Not only will certification make it easier for hospitals and clients alike to trust your knowledge and expertise, but most programs provide education on pregnancy anatomy & physiology.

A Little Extra Networking Goes a Long Way

Let’s face it - no one likes being sold something cold from someone they don’t know anything about (especially not pregnant moms). Becoming familiar with local OB-GYNs can give them confidence in referring their patients directly instead of leaving parents alone during labour(how boring right?) . Attend prenatal yoga classes or take part in mom-to-be meet-ups at your clinic or community centre who knows your potential planning ahead mama might need that extra bit of help?

Market Yourself Creatively

When marketing yourself think outside the box maybe deliver care packages including things like lavender oils for aromatherapy tips- You would be surprised how many people are out there trying push roses down someone else's throat(okay tone down gorilla-marketing chick!) Utilize social media – Instagram accounts dedicated strictly maternity supporters and post supportive messages on pregnant patron's accounts!

Get Active in Relevant Online Communities

Social websites such as Facebook are a goldmine when it comes to moms' groups especially those focused on childbirth (look up for new trends about this- would be great) . Participation in online forums enables applicants to connect with potential customers, understand current preferences or choices of clients , maintain brand visibility, build credibility by sharing knowledge, and obtain unique insights!

Offer Free Trials

Offering your services for free initially is not only an excellent way to get more experience but also allow you to do what we know best - assisting someone in labor no matter the money involved(show them love). Contact your local birth center or hospital and ask if they could put you their list of recommendations; many institutions will provide access & resources into available programs.

Stand Out from the Crowd

It is a known fact that women look out for various things when hiring doulas besides accuracy skills like empathy (putting herself into mother’s shoes) compatibility as well healthy attitude(who likes being around needy folks). Let's face it giving birth can be stressful enough without having a doula adding extra pressure. Standing out means learning how to put yourself in their shoes (not literally…even though flats might be better than heels).

Don’t Be Afraid of Going International

With so many ways today to coordinate virtually – there have never been more accessible resources at our disposal!! There are brochures available online specifically relating international-assisting opportunities/housing facilities worldwide catering towards midwives seeking work or traveling enthusiasts looking getting away from home! Signing-up sites like which provides ratings based off first-hand experiences may save half job hunting either employment hospitality needs overseas.. better start working on that passport.

Keep Learning

One thing I love about this industry (;well industry kind-of-sucks yeà) is the support women in field give themselves, always seeking progression to benefit family unit. Sign up emails for monthly news articles about research from notable sources; take refresher courses over new methods or certifications that are a good enhancement of expertise which would make clients trust you more plus what’s wrong with acquiring 2-3 extra skills.


There you have it – my top tips on how to break into the world of professional birth assisting! Remember, becoming a doula takes hard work and time investment; therefore it's important to put your heart and soul into everything you do. By getting certified & continuing learning any methods allows them stay relevant within community plus working alongside local professionals raises profile thus increasing contracts (luckily without missing someone’s big day). Marketing yourself creatively through social media presence or offline events ensures now-adays attention so people can recognize you as leading maternity helper(don’t be another stranger). Finally, Investing your own resources initially like free hours usually helps families appreciate quite why hired skilled assistant had their backs during labor itself. Good luck out there everyone– I know y'all gonna go rise+shine in this miraculous field!!

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