Ear Piercing at Walmart: Is it Available Everywhere?

Have you ever wondered if Walmart offers ear piercing services throughout all its stores? Well, look no further because this article will answer that question for you.

Ear Piercing at Walmart: Is it Available Everywhere?

Before we dive into the topic, let's discuss some basic information about ear piercing. According to experts, ear piercing has been practiced since ancient history when people thought jewelry could protect them from evil spirits. Today, however, it is a fashion statement or simply a form of self-expression for many people who wear earrings.

A Brief History of Ear Piercing

It's interesting to note that in ancient times, Egyptians pierced their ears as a sign of status and beauty while Romans used earrings as a way to indicate class hierarchy. In some cultures like India and Africa, both men and women wore earrings frequently as part of traditional attire.

Nowadays, different types of piercings are available, including but not limited to lobe piercing (the most common), helix piercing (along the outer rim of the ear), tragus piercing (in front of the opening leading to the inner ear canal), industrial or scaffold piercings (two separate holes connected by one piece), daith piercings (innermost cartilage fold above the opening leading into your ear canal) and so on.

Where Can You Get Your Ears Pierced?

So what options are available if you want to get your ears pierced? Let’s see:

Beauty Salons

In general, any place where there is an aesthetician offering skincare services may offer ear-piercing too.

Tattoo Shops

Some tattoo parlors also offer body modification services such as piercings.

Mall Kiosks & Jewelry Stores

You can also find kiosks in malls with staff trained specifically for performing this service or purpose-built jewelry stores.


That brings us back to our original question. Although Walmart isn't the first place that comes to mind for ear piercing, they began providing this service in some of their stores a few years ago.

Which Walmart Stores Offer Ear Piercing?

You may be wondering if all Walmart stores offer ear piercing or only select ones? Unfortunately, not every store has the necessary equipment for this procedure, so even with over 4,000 locations nationwide, not all provide ear piercing services.

Here's how to check whether your local store is one of them:

  • First off, visit Walmart’s website and use their Store Locator tool

  • Choose ‘’Services‘’.

  • In most cases, they will list details about what services they offer in each location.

Alternatively, you can call your nearest Walmart store and ask the customer representative whether they do piercings or recommend where you might access these services nearby

How Much Does it Cost

Costs depend on various factors such as region, type of piercing jewelry used, quality of earrings offered among others. At Walmart, the price includes both mandatory sterilized hypoallergenic earrings made of surgical steel along with any discounts based on promotions running at that time period.

If we compare costs between salons and professional studios which usually charge above $50 up per session depending on how many ears are being pierced - however here at walmart prices start from around $20 dollars through to as much as $70 dependent upon promotional offers available too!

This seems like an excellent opportunity to save more money compared to other alternatives — plus it also saves time instead of going directly into malls looking for personal care companies specializing in just ears piercification treatments!

Also keep in mind that customers should strictly follow aftercare instructions provided by professionals following procedure since it greatly helps avoid infections & potential complications associated thereof due improper hygiene practices such as coming into contact uncomfortable surfaces during recovery process!

Factors To Consider When Picking Ear Piercing Spots.

There are a few things you should think about before deciding where to get your ears pierced. These include :

- Reputation

You want to choose a place with experienced professionals who can handle the procedure and ensure cleanliness throughout.

- Equipment

The right technique — and equipment — needs to be used. A professional set up with quality jewelry on-time sterilization, sterile needles, gloves e.t.c is essential.


If ear piercing rates seem too good to believe remember that in some cases these “sweet deals“ come at hidden costs such as low-quality jewelry or inadequate hygiene standards.


Ear piercing has become an increasingly popular form of self-expression &co recently however affordable options have been limited until recently- Enter Walmart! With their national network of stores providing reasonably priced starting around $20 through promo pricing beyond $60 all types of cartilage piercings included now including service facilities from profession sets ups featuring practitioners equipped with latest technology tools there can be no more hassle worrying about risking infections just head overwalmart for quality experiences by certified staff members offering full range aftercare advice afterwards!

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