Early Pregnancy? Dry Skin Might Follow

Attention all expecting mothers, are you experiencing dry and itchy skin during pregnancy? Well, you're not alone! While the beautiful glow on your face is a common occurrence in pregnancy, so is having parched skin. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into why pregnant women develop dry skin and what they can do to prevent or treat it.

Early Pregnancy? Dry Skin Might Follow

What Causes Dry Skin During Pregnancy?

Let's begin by understanding why dry skin occurs when you're pregnant. The primary cause of dryness is hormones. As soon as fertilization happens hormones levels begin to fluctuate significantly throughout the nine months, mainly due to progesterone hormone level increase. This change impacts how much blood flows through our body impacting hydration across vital organs such as the liver, brain and also our dermis layer that covers our surface of the body leaving us feeling dehydrated.

Dry weather conditions become another factor causing unwanted changes on top of existing hormonal changes that already occurred within the body system impacted by making one's overall epidermal dehydration process worse than before.

Factors Explanation
Hormonal Changes Levels of estrogen &progesterone increase
Weather Conditions Harsh weather causes even more dehydration

Both factors combined intensify depletion of moisture in skin layers resulting in roughness over time which usually marks around six weeks after conception with a visible effect noticeable from week fourteen.

Now let’s get onto how to address vulnerable evaporation rates made more susceptible during gestation!

Home Remedies for Treating Dry Skin

Most home remedies utilize natural products used commonly around you while some might not be obvious solutions at first glance but thank god internet brought about easily accessibility nowadays:

Aloe Vera Gel

A sap found inside leaves extracted effectively providing cooling sensations realized quickly after breaking off plant under incision - apply on skin just before going to bed and let it settle.

Coconut Oil for Relief

An ingredient associated with vaginal nourishment can also act as topical facial moisture application. The lauric acid is a common component found in coconut oils effective for providing relief through triggering one's natural pH levels besides increasing overall hydration rates making you feel great all day long!

Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is fantastic for calming down itchiness over large surface areas due to its anti-inflammatory properties - add two cups of oatmeal along with a few drops of lavender oil or colloidal oat mixed well right into bathtub water temperature especially if finding yourself frequently dealing with prickly heat rash-like situations brought on by sweating excessively wearing tight-fitting clothing irritating your already dry, sensitive parts nowadays experiencing hormonal changes.

Honey Packs

A good pack made up of equal portions honey + yogurt applied twice daily helps in keeping epidermal lubricated avoiding rashes caused by friction burn easily aggravated during gestation differences.

Products that Tackle Dry Skin

If the past remedies don’t work then time comes where reliance placed heavy shopping sprees going wrong eventually turning out being less successful than anticipated when hoping new product will save you from irregular flakiness:

### Hydrating Facial Sprays: A Burst Of Relief

Sometimes even stepping outside after applying products during harsh climate still not enough certain times causing severe dryness despite following previous remedial processes. However, now there exists another viable option treating this unique situation which involves carrying around aerosol sprays filled various types (e.g. Denatured Alcohol Water Spray) moisturizing women have used effectively looking radiant all day without having fallen victim again under atmospheric tough conditions!

So go ahead and load up some extra bottles giving you more choices whenever feeling uneven texture problems start creeping back every now & then.

Hydrocortisone Lotion: Combatting Inflammations Quickly

It gets that bad sometimes even trying home remedies fail. When typically applied to hands, feet or knees prone developing flaky roughness spiking fast-performing anti-inflammatory such as hydrocortisone Lotions may offer relief for people feeling down.

Last but not least there's nothing wrong with checking out medicated solutions sold over-the-counter helping minimal effort needed daily following strict directions completely devoted allowing better efficacy of the product seen quickly after using it which often brings those healthy sensations back without being stifled anymore by consistent dryness issues faced during a crucial phase in your lives!


Dry skin is an ordinary issue among expecting mothers mainly caused by hormonal changes and harsh environmental conditions that you can't control altogether. Thankfully, natural products like Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera are readily available and known to provide instant relief while oatmeal baths + honey packs can do wonders reducing any sort of itchiness on large surface areas when dealing with prickly heat rashes brought up through tightly fitting clothes causing friction burns.

If these remedies don’t work though, relying heavily upon commercial cosmetic treatments seems like another viable option since some medications have been proven effective — especially Hydrocortisone Lotion - helps combating inflammations within seconds offering trustworthy courses action for those looking visibly improve quality epidermal layer instantly now without waiting around much longer each time something goes wrong so why suffer silently under sun living in dry regions or extreme weather shifts? Take action against dehydration today before experiencing unequivocally poorer results shortly ahead otherwise!

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