Easy Guide: How to Put in an Earring Like a Pro

Are you tired of struggling to put on earrings? Do you want to look like a pro when it comes to jewelry? Look no further, my friend! In this easy guide, we will teach you how to put in an earring like a pro.

Easy Guide: How to Put in an Earring Like a Pro

Gather Your Materials

The first step is making sure you have all the necessary materials. This includes your earrings and any tools that may be needed such as earring backs, pliers or tweezers. Make sure everything is clean before beginning.

Choose Your Style

Step 1: Decide which style of earring you'll be putting on.

  • Studs
  • Hoops
  • Drop/Dangle

Depending on what type of earring you're wearing, some steps may vary.

Wash/Disinfect Hands and Earrings

Step 2: Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water then disinfect them (and your earrings) if possible

It's never wrong to sanitize our accessories since we touch lots of surface while outside!

If possible soak every pair of earrings overnight periodically in Hydrogen Peroxide solution for getting rid off any kind of bacteria including COVID19 risk.

And Thoroughly rub each set gently with Wet tissues just before wearing it. While It can't hurt anything extra but Might save us from future infections!

Whoa Dirty Dinosaur Earings?

If they are greasy or contain dust accumulated over ages its time for some elaborated steps:

• Mix equal amounts Vinegar & Baking Soda into paste • Rub Gently the surface thoroughly – use brush or toothbrush for intricate areas . (Yes ,Don’t dip them into liquids)

Afterward Rinse Thoroughly either under running water till residue left clears off ,or pat dry using soft clothes

Positioning Yourself Correctly

Step 3: Sit down in front of a mirror and position yourself correctly.

Make sure you're sitting on a stable chair, with good lighting at your disposal. Getting the right area exposed up for eye view is important too! If You are getting your ears pierced or wearing long/big earrings take it easy by placing head tilted Upwards or Sideways (for different ear) to get better control over earring while inserting/piercing

Removing Earrings

Sometimes taking off an earring can be as hard as putting one on so, here's how to remove them without damage:

  • Use the proper tool - pliers or tweezers work best
  • Grasp onto either side of the back; gently squeeze and twist until it comes off.
  • Carefully slide out the stud post from behind without pulling aggressively forward

Inserting Studs Earrings

For those delicate studs we saved some tips :

  1. Hold The Front of Stud & Back Separately – This will give Better Control over Each Part.
  2. Slightly Apply Pressure Inward using Fingers Like holding With Ring Finger & Pinky along with Middle finger Resting Behind Earlobe' backs ,and Thumb Supporting Frontside .Keep the tip sharp metal end facing towards front hole.Wait For momenta before pushing inside Avoid rushing things .

(if Its still feels uncomfortable wetting tip in Vaseline helps.)

3.Now ! You want it tight but not overly tight : To test if its holding firm enough just wiggle little bit Yet again avoid stretching !! A light pop shortly there after means that Stud has Just locked into place sans hurting us whatsoever . Huzzah!

4.And now Repeat same process for other Side

Now Enjoy 'em Gemstones Babe!

Reminder checks periodically Firmness /Tightness Especially crucial during First Few weeks,i.e Post Piercing

Inserting Hoop Earrings

Hoops are rather In Yer Face and Bold so Here's how you can make sure to rock them right:

  1. Begin by holding the earring gently between your thumb and forefinger
  2. Twist clockwise or anticlockwise to open the hoop – depending on which type of earring you're wearing.
  3. Carefully insert the earlobe into it then Gently twist back in opposite direction until it gets locked in place securely

Make sure that same weight from both sides is maintained,if they seem asymmetrical adjust with some slight tweaks again till comfortable . and Don't forget to check out both Sides!,we wouldn't want missing hoops now would we?!

Inserting Drop/Dangle Earrings

Ohh here comes a bit more complicated one:

1.Hold The Tops Of Earring And Backs Separate Again Like With Studs! 2.What!? You didn’t detour past Empty house?! Yup Its really helpfull for unique pairs!

Now Keep The Front firm against Lobe ,keeping bottom of design at just about touching distance& Lift up carefully through its Posts towards Opposite end

To lock ‘em there too Securely push onto post-lock system fitting at other side .⊙𝅧_• There might be soft friction sounds letting you know nothing gonna fall off Its all-right!!

Now Style yourself as #soextra earrings for Parties!!!!

Common Mistakes While Putting On An Earring

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes while putting on their earrings, but fortunately some of them are avoidable!! Such innocent looking process often lead us astray:?

  • Trying so hard when inserting especially during eczema /dry winters days where lobe skins get brittle Avoid shaving Tips away !
  • Putting backing directly after insertion
  • pushing studs sometimes cause injuries while piercing newly done ears Example like using Butter Knife (ideal for spreading butter on toast)

But the good news is:By Reading this Guide You are already few steps ahead from Anyone Else!


We hope that our easy guide has helped you learn how to put in an earring like a pro. By following these simple steps, you can look your best and feel confident when wearing jewelry.

Remember to keep things clean, be patient and avoid common mistakes.

Now go forth ,fellas #soLIT like never before!!

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