Expectant Moms Want to Know: Can You Use Hairspray When Pregnant?

If you're an expectant mom, you might be wondering if it's safe to use hairspray during your pregnancy. After all, there are so many things you need to be careful about when you're expecting, from what you eat to which medicines you take. Luckily for all our swoopy-haired mamas-to-be out there (and dads who enjoy a voluminous coif), the answer is yes! It's generally considered safe to use hairspray while pregnant.

Expectant Moms Want to Know: Can You Use Hairspray When Pregnant?

So What's the Deal with Hairspray and Pregnancy?

The fear of hairspray goes back decades – remember everyone panicking because a lady sprayed too much in 'Little Miss Sunshine'? But these days we have better knowledge on why this was unnecessary.

Most worries about using hair products during pregnancy stem from concerns over the chemicals they contain and their potential impact on developing fetuses. Hairsprays can contain ingredients such as alcohol, formaldehyde†, and phthalates that may cause harm‡to unborn babies.

However please note - The levels of exposure most people experience through cosmetic products – even those containing potentially harmful substances – are typically far below what would be needed to do damage§.

Additionally- manufacturers routinely test cosmetics for safety before releasing them onto supermarket shelves or beauty counters#, according>>oooh big word<< >normally<ly using rats and sometimes rabbits). They must label any hazardous chemical components accordingly%. And finally- regulations firmly state that no unsafe substance is permitted within cosmetics#.

So essentially unless someone has more extreme sensitivities/ allergies than typical person - short term external amounts/formulations will not affect either mother nor baby!

However.... There Are Some Exceptions

Of course with every rule there are some exceptions where it can still pay off being wise:

  • If a product claims "Do Not Use During Pregnancy" then: don't.
  • Switching to unscented hair products >>may<< be a good choice for women experiencing nausea, vomiting or migraines/lower energy because scent can worsen these symptoms.

How Can I Minimize My Exposure?

Whether you're worried about hairspray specifically or just want to minimize your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals while pregnant, there are several things you can do:

  1. Choose the Right Products: Look for hairsprays that are labeled "low VOC" (volatile organic compounds) and avoid those with ingredients like phthalates and formaldehyde.
  2. Use Hairspray Sparingly: The less often you use hairspray, the lower your overall exposure will be. Try switching it out for some hair oil which will keep your hair smooth and nourished without any chemical additives.
  3. Apply in a Well-Ventilated Area : It's important always to spray aerosol products - this includes nail polish not just haircare items;in well-ventilated areas so you don’t inhale too much of their fumes.


In conclusion – From what we've gathered here –there is nothing particularly scary about using a small amount of hairspray whilst mother-to-be.As long as one does not consume neon-coloured foam cans full by the truck load%#%%(like Alphaflex in Little Miss Sunshinelikedefinitely-non-pregnant Dwayne). Always remember- when it comes to personal care habits during pregnancyAlwayscheck-in-a-bit-with-your-doctor-for-extra-advice#@#$%%!

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