Expecting a Drink? Can You Have One When Pregnant?

It's the question that every pregnant woman is bound to ask at least once: can I have a drink while I'm expecting? It's an understandable concern, considering that pregnancy comes with so many restrictions. But before you reach for that glass of wine or bottle of beer, there are some things you need to know. So let's dive right in and explore whether it’s safe to indulge in a cocktail whilst handling your bundle of joy.

Expecting a Drink? Can You Have One When Pregnant?

The Risks

First up, let's talk about why the focus on drinking during pregnancy - And no we don’t mean how great happy hour sounds now that work from home has become our daily grind. There are genuine concerns involved here. Any substance consumed by the mother during her pregnancy has the potential to cross over into the developing embryo or fetus via the placenta - this includes alcohol too! This means they immerse themselves along with other substances used during conception such as folic acidsupplements etc (We're sure its not news to you).

Alcohol consumption increases risks such as miscarriage, stillbirths, developmental disorders like FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), lower birth weight babies and even preterm labor!! Oh my god slow down Karen PUT DOWN THE MARTINI GLASS AND STEP AWAAAAAY!

Let’s Talk About That Sweet Wine

As much as red wine may feel tempting – All women who’re carrying/plan on carrying should avoid any and all possible alcohol consumption ideally through their whole gestation period BUT maybe just one sip wouldn’t hurt anybody…right ? WRONG! Even small amounts of alcohol consumption can cause damage especially early on i.e when organs start forming within 30 weeks after conception / two months till delivery later; However……..if there must be occasional drinking then preferably wait until second trimester and progress slowly staying above 2 units per week. So to be safe, just consider laying away the drinks until you're holding a little one in your arms instead.

When craving that Margarita

Craving alcohol during pregnancy is common - You may miss going out for happy hour with your friends or just feel like indulging at home. Just remember not all cravings are created equal……heck some women crave dirt! Yup you read that right – Dirt! But considering we’re talking about alcohol here advice remains consistent and clear – ANY kind of alcoholic consumption can harm developing organs so avoid drinking any form including cocktails entirely throughout.

Quick tip: If you find yourself missing happy hours have cheese pizza instead!

Can mocktails keep me happy?

The art of the mocktail is a wonderful thing- After all when life gives us lemons lemonade should always be ready to go but as widely considered a few sober nights won’t hurt anyone And anyways who doesn't love mango shakes? . We agree it's never too early (or late) for fruity flavors which can serve as alternatives during such scenarios

Here’s our list of popular mocktails:

  1. Pineapple Paradise Mocktail: Ingredients required: Pineapple juice, coconut water, lime juice & soda coupled with crushed ICE!! GO ON AND ADD A STRAWBERRY UMBRELLA TOO IF YOU LIKE!!
  2. Taboo-tini: Got nothing taboo-ed up inside 😛 Cup orange juice followed by grapes into blender then pour mixture over ice + Add in Ginger ale whilst mixing steadily PLUS Chamomile Tea bags LEMME TELL YA THIS CAN ‘KICK’ UP YOUR EVENING ROUTINE?? BYE BYE WORRIES HELLO BEAUTIFUL SLEEP!!
  3. Orange Mango Martini: Another incredible mix made possible through frozen concentrate OJ + Frozen Mango cubes blended smoothly & poured over ice garnished using sliced strawberries.. 4.Mango Coladadita, anybody? Like pina coladas? Disregard the alcohol then! Instead, freeze coconut milk using ice cubes or place in fridge for half an hour beforehand. Once chilled put it inside blender atop with mango diced small followed by a hint of un-melted sherbet topped over COCONUT ICE CUBES chef’s kiss

With these tasty options being only some of many - one could argue that drinking during pregnancy is not missed at all…

What Do The Experts Say?

The experts almost unanimously agree on this one folks: pregnant women should avoid consuming alcohol altogether. Periodt!

Some medical researchers point out how despite what we may wish to believe, even limited consumption can prove harmful depending on the duration and stage of gestation (earlier stages worse off) Could you imagine THE GUILT carrying with you when found responsible even indirectly linked to developmental disorders through occasional drinking?! No thank you!

Others contend there are no benefits to selectively indulging - so why play Russian Roulette with your unborn child's developing organs anyways.. So ultimately ladies it pays heed be selective – enjoy activities but maybe opting out whenever people get together & pop bottles would best as consequences ten years down line would appear from something so seemingly innocent.

Quick tip: Thinking about going sober till delivery date? Get that Belly focused Yoga class membership

Alternatives To Drinking During Pregnancy

Alternative drinks exist for a reason- if avoiding alcohol is tough equip self w "mocktail" kit instead && THAT BY NO MEANS means increase non-alcoholic beverage sugar intake , focus pours towards fortified water sparklers rich in vitamin D3&elevated nutrients like cordyceps rathe beverages full o’ empty calories.

Here are some good options:

  1. Vizzy Hard Seltzer: It has 5% ABV but also contains essential vitamins and antioxidants.
  2. Bubbly Goa Tea: Found in cans, an infusion of chicory and Indian tea leaves. Which despite being sweet to taste actually zeros present sugar content very little.
  3. Caboo Bamboo Shirts: It's a line of eco-friendly bamboo T-shirts with sweat-and-moisture-wicking capabilities....Hmm what? Oh sorry got carried away . Still not possible these can be substituted for beverages ? Are you sure ? 4.Properly Balanced Water: As the name suggests — Properly is pH-balanced and mineral-rich water w good karma behind it; made using 100% recycled plastic covering flavours like cucumber&lemon.

In Conclusion:

While alcohol may provide momentary relief or pleasure during pregnancy, the risks involved speak otherwise! There are many non-alcoholic alternatives that exist with which we can satiate our palates.&while drinking slightly isn’t known to cause imminent harm certain medical professionals would argue against its consumption entirely for even a moment.

So just hold off on cocktails completely… Get used to ordering fizzy drinks at outings instead (At least your pockets will remain unburdened!) after all if cravings still prove too much, go forth & whip up numerous mocktails via some easily-found-at-home ingredients!!

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