Exploring the Definition: What Does Tariq Mean?

If you've ever wondered about the meaning of Tariq, then look no further! This article will take a deep dive into what this name represents and its significance. Spoiler alert, it does not mean "chicken sandwich" or "unicorn whisperer."

What is Tariq?

Tariq is a male given name that has Arabic origins. It is commonly used in Muslim communities and means "morning star." So, if you want to impress your Muslim friends with your knowledge of Arabic names, now's your chance!

The Etymology

The word 'Tariq' comes from the Arabic root word طرق (ṭ-r-q). Ṭaraqa means ‘he struck,’ while tāriqa refers to something which strikes frequently or persistently 1. In Islamic history, tāriqa Ḥardhiyya (or simply plainly)to become closer to God by undertaking spiritual exercises such as reciting Qur’anic verses 2.

History of Tariq

The name Tariq originates back thousands of years ago during more traditional Islamic times when people assigned meanings to everything from plants and animals to everyday objects. As Islam spread throughout Arabia and beyond, so too did this unique naming practice.

Fast forward into modern-day culture and we can see how far-reaching the effects have been on societies all over the globe.


In recent years there has been an upswing in popularity for Tariqs—in 2019 alone over 1100 baby boys were named after this moniker 3.

Global Distribution:

Predominantly found amongst Middle Eastern populations who are predominantly Muslims – countries like Iran where it holds widespread use; whereas Common also Egypt[ ^4].

Global distribution

The Legacy

Despite its history, Tariq has made its way beyond the Islamic world and into pop culture globally. There are multiple well-known figures named Tariq who have helped keep it relevant throughout the years.

Famous Taruqs:

  1. Tariq Ali - British-Pakistani historian, writer, activist
  2. Tarek El Moussa - American real estate investor; TV personality (Flip or Flop)
  3. Tory Lanez(aka Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson) Canadian rapper born July 27th,1992 Vaughanontario 5.
  4. Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr – son of Muhammad's closest companion/status holder converted to Islam after his father’s death.
  5. General altavish Rashid Pak army officer nicked name was terry

Personality Traits associated with people named Tariq?

People attribute various traits to individuals categorized under a certain moniker—Is being cool one of them? Let's look at some examples you might not have known!

Characteristics of A Person Named Tariq:

  • Smart like Albert Einstein
  • Handsome like George Clooney
  • Charismatic as Barack Obama
  • Creative as Leonardo da Vinci

With just these few highlighted qualities above, we can concur that those statistics do all point towards greatness...

As always with statistical data relating to certain qualities tied on names is certainly different from characterizing an individual based on historical performances [^6].


In conclusion, there is no shortage of unique and beautiful names in Arabic language rich in their meanings and histories [^7]. The name Tariq has had a fascinating journey from a traditional Islamic naming practice to modern-day culture. It's popularity worldwide amongst Middle Eastern communities along with several famous Taruqs shows the range of its reach and appeal [^8] [^9].

Regardless of what you call yourself, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how you present yourself—the name is just an identifier afterall[ ^10].

So if you know someone named Tariq or plan on it being your baby boy's future moniker, congratulate them on possessing qualities attributed to greats like Einstein, George Clooney and Barack Obama.

Afterthought: "It must be tough always living up to such high expectations eh?" laughs

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