Fact or Fiction: Adults Immune to Hand Foot and Mouth?

Ah, the joys of childhood illnesses. Fun memories of missing school, staying in bed all day, and being taken care of by overprotective parents. Unfortunately, some people believe that once you've had a certain illness as a child, you're immune to it for life. But what about hand foot and mouth disease? Is this one of those diseases that only affect children? Let's find out.

Fact or Fiction: Adults Immune to Hand Foot and Mouth?

What is Hand Foot and Mouth Disease?

Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a highly contagious viral infection commonly found in young children. It primarily affects infants and toddlers under the age of five but can also occur in adults.

The virus typically spreads through close personal contact with an infected person or object/surface contaminated with their bodily fluids (saliva, mucus). Symptoms include fever, painful sores on the hands/feet/mouth/throat areas accompanied by headaches & nasopharyngitis (nasal congestion) .

Can Adults Get HFMD?

Contrary to popular belief,adults can indeed catch HFMD - especially if they work closely with infected individuals like teachers working around sick students or healthcare workers exposed to ill patients; not forgetting parents looking after kids! In fact,a recent outpatient survey conducted at Singapore General Hospital revealed that 69%of HFMD cases were actually attributed to adult infections within households!! This underscores how easily it can spread amongst humans who lack proper hygiene habits--like washing our hands frequently.

Adults who have contracted the virus often exhibit less severe symptoms than children do--recall back when we said it "primarily" affects babies- however,is really doesn't matter because no-one wants spots all over their face regardless!! Rather than blisters on their feet/hands,the rash may be more present on trunk,wrist,knee folds resulting in itchiness,soreness due to drying up of lesions or even overall fatigue. As a result, they can easily mistake their symptoms for other illnesses such as the common cold, flu or severe case of allergies!!!

One piece of exciting news is that you cannot catch HFMD by being sneezed/coughed on since it spreads through direct contact!!

The Truth About Immunity

It's time to bust some myths: Let's get one thing out clear - having HFMD once, does not make somebody immune to future infections. Some parents may feel relief upon hearing so because we'd all rather avoid unnecessary pain; but no-so-fast with celebrating just yet!! The vast majority only develop temporary immunity after one bout with the virus and this will usually last about six months but any subsequent infection can still cause damage thus requiring from actual medical attention- which was how patients at Singapore General Hospital came caught in our previous point! Don't test fate,just be clean!

Furthermore,it's also worth mentioning another misconception out there : catching hepatitis A may not protect against getting infected with coxsackievirus - the main culprit behind triggering HFMD symptoms.When your body hits its daily dose limit reaching hepatiis A,you'll have been immune maxxed out alr!

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Firstly,it is vital that good hygiene practices are adhered to: frequent hand washing,sanitising surfaces,eg shopfront handles,laptops & mobile phones(!) and regular housekeeping chores like sweeping/mopping.The environment needs to support cleanliness too--which means that sick individuals should stay home until recovering from illness while employers must ensure standard protocols are put in place regarding communal areas like break rooms/shared restrooms.Simple!!!!

Additionally,get yourself vaccinated.This is crucial especially if you work in industries whereby viruses-infection prone eg healthcare providers.It’s recommended for people working around children as well. There isn’t necessarily specific treatment available besides relieving symptoms using painkillers,gargling/resting, and staying hydrated to avoid complications.Hence,the preventive route is the most advisable especially since outbreaks aren’t uncommon.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,this condition remains endemic in many parts of the world.So if you are an adult,don't think that you're immune from catching it--and certainly,HFMD variations can be severe even when not purely restricted to babies only. Be mindful of any symptoms popping up with increasing incidence among co-workers,kids at home,strangers eg bus rides & minimise possible exposure by following good hygiene practices.

Who would have thought that a childhood illness could still affect us as adults? But now we know better, so let's take care of our health!

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