Fast-Track Your Delivery: Speed Up Labor at 36 Weeks

Greetings, friends! Anyone who's been pregnant knows that the last few weeks before delivery can feel like a never-ending road trip. But what if I told you there are ways to speed up your labor at 36 weeks? That's right; say goodbye to feeling like a beached whale and hello to snuggling with your new bundle of joy in no time!

Fast-Track Your Delivery: Speed Up Labor at 36 Weeks

Exercise Is Key

First things first, ladies; let's talk about exercise. Now, we're not talking about running marathons or lifting weights here (unless you're already an active gym-goer). We're talking about light cardio exercises like power walking, swimming and prenatal yoga.

Research shows that moderate exercise during pregnancy is associated with faster labors in healthy women. Plus hey - it'll help keep off those extra pounds too!

Cut It Out With The Junk Food

I know how easy it is to indulge on sweets and processed foods when you're pregnant - You have cravings for TWO remember? However, unhealthy eating habits can lead to excessive weight gain leading up to labor which increases the risk of complications such as preeclampsia.

Instead of reaching for that sugary treat try sticking with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grainsand my personal favorite: ice cream(in moderation of course).

Try Reflexology

If you've never heard of reflexology before it might sound strange but trust me some people swear by its effectiveness when boosting labor at 36 weeks.

It’s believed that certain pressure points on the feet correspond with different body parts so pressing these areas could stimulate contractions plus stop them once baby comes rolling into this world.

Call around your area or do some research online for certified reflexologists". A Foot rub may also come as an added bonus!

Consider Acupuncture And Chiropractic Care

Acupuncture, which involves the insertion of needles on specific points in your body may help with labor pain reduction, decreasing the likelihood of c-section and reducing anxiety for moms.

On a different note visiting a chiropractor throughout pregnancy can improve pelvic alignment. This could make it easier for baby to descend into prime delivery position leading up to 36 weeks!

Get Deep In Those Squats

Not just any squats -- We're talking about "Birth Prep" squats that focus on opening carious pelvis joints and muscles much-needed before moving towards all fours when waterworks begin. Use props such as blankets or yoga Blocks if needed For an added benefit Grab your partner's hands for some extra balance supportand connection.

Have Lots of Sex

I bet you didn't expect this one but Yes! sex is quite possibly one of the fun ways to speed up labor at 36 weeks; intercourse can act as a natural form upon cervical ripening (softening) Repetitive orgasms stimulate oxytocin production (the hormone responsible for inducing labour). Plus it’s also said semen has been found to be beneficial during pregnancy.

So ponder over things with your Significant Other?

Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Above anything else don’t let stress get under your skin okay? remaining calm reduces adrenaline levels Baby responds physiologically whether demonstrating peace or stress so take time out through quiet baths, listening to music going outdoors having meaningful conversations sharing happy moments whatever brings positivity!

Remember: Giving birth isn't easy - I'm not saying this will be a walk in the park by no means after adjusting these practices is crucial when trying facilitating childbirth naturally while putting less strain on both mother and child,this isn't medical advice although providing ideal ease gonna be worth each effort laid down trust me

You got this Momma - now go forth and deliver that bundle joy!

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