Feeling Fetal Movement: At 3 Weeks Pregnant?

Congratulations, you're on your way to becoming a parent! Yes, we know it's still very early in the game. You may think that there isn't much going on with your little peanut just yet. But trust us when we say that a lot is happening inside of you at three weeks pregnant.

Feeling Fetal Movement: At 3 Weeks Pregnant?

What’s Happening Inside Your Body

At this stage, your uterus is prepping for its grand role as home base to an embryo by thickening its walls and readying itself for implantation. That means hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which triggers an increase in estrogen and progesterone production, will start coursing through your body.

Embryo Development

By the end of week three, cell differentiation begins as the fertilized egg moves down from where it implanted into the wall of the uterus towards forming its own nervous system.

Blastocyst Development

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, don’t forget about blastocyst development!

  • Day 1: The sperm and egg meet; conception occurs.
  • Days 2 – 4: The cell mass divides into identical cells.
  • Days 5 – 6: The blastocyst begins to form fluid-filled cavities.
  • Day 7+: Implantation occurs.

Only once implantation happens does pregnancy truly begin!

Too Early for Fetal Movement

We’ll be frank here: It’s impossible to feel fetal movement at three weeks pregnant. Your baby-to-be simply hasn’t had enough time or space yet to really start flailing around like a Ninja Warrior-gumby hybrid™ quite yet.

For now, focus on other changes happening within yourself such as tiredness, bloating or sore breasts, because later symptoms will come (cue crying over burnt toast).

When Will I Feel Fetal Movement?

You're typically going to start feeling fetal movement, aka quickening between weeks 18 and 22.

But there are certain factors that may influence when you perceive those first jabs,such as:

  • Your weight
  • Where your placenta is situated
  • Whether this is your first or subsequent pregnancy.

Why Feeling Movement Matters

Feeling the baby move is one of the milestones mothers-to-be look forward to most, because it's an indication that their little ones are growing bigger and stronger all the time it's reassuring.

And while early kicks might mean “the corned beef sandwich I had for lunch isn’t sitting well” rather than “holy cow! The baby’s doing gymnastics down there!”, we can promise you'll be a pro at picking up on these movements soon enough!


It's important to understand what’s happening during each week of pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. Even though at three weeks pregnant fetal movement cannot yet be felt, take joy in knowing that vital work continues behind-the-scenes preparing for more cause for celebrations later on.

Enjoy this time with loved ones & remember: only two more weddings before maternity pants become socially acceptable.

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