Feeling the flu? Here’s how to relieve symptoms

If you're reading this, chances are you're stuck in bed feeling miserable with the flu. Well, fear not my fellow germ-ridden friend because I've got some tips and tricks to help alleviate those pesky symptoms. So sit back, grab a cup of tea (or your preference of hot beverage) and let's get started.

Feeling the flu? Here

Rest like it’s 1999

First things first - REST! And when I say rest, I mean reallyyyy rest. You know that feeling when you were home sick as a kid and got to lay on the sofa all day watching cartoons? Yeah, that kind of rest. Put down whatever work or task is plaguing you right now (unless it’s binge-watching Netflix) and take some time off to situate yourself in bed.

Make sure your space is comfortable! Get plenty of pillows for propping up your head so breathing comes easier… or make a giant pillow fort if you’re defending against any unruly sickness-causing germs - no judgments here!

Resist doing too much regardless of how high energy level may seem at times – instead choose activities that induce feelings calmer than one might normally allow themselves if not under-the-weather such as meditating occasionally between episodes of Judge Judy.

For prolonged recovery: keep moist air circulating through room by using humidifier(s). Humidifiers can limit all sorts TBIs including dry eyes/mouth/nose/skin etcetera thanks to their misty nature they also discourage airborne illness droplets from hanging out in distributed environments which could prolong certain afflictions given wrong circumstances….

Hydration station

Drink water like it's going out style – hydration is KEY during an illness especially since its essential towards breaking down mucus buildup i.e congestion relief ~gasp~ did someone utter "relief"? Consistently drinking fluids might even help in preventing future illnesses before they take hold so give it a whirl.

Consider electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade to replenish minerals lost during sweating… and don’t forget when making your selection of additional liquids that honey/lemon/blueberry/good-tasting berries added can alwaysssss provide beneficial bonus effects knocking those taste buds into a wild, dizzying frenzy!

Sooth those symptoms

As much as we all want to ignore oursymptoms (ahem, especially males), there are simple solutions on how you can calm the inevitable. Here’s some examples…


During rough days laced with headaches or migraines, try purchasing an anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen / Acetaminophen – whichever tickles your pickle because both high-efficient name brands - (wink) Advil and Tylenol respectively will do. The prescription-strength kind if over-the-counter isn't doing wonders! Also consider dosages corresponding with age since huge doses may cause liver damage for younger ones (and young at heart) or correlate negatively on other medications being administered!


You could get creative by test driving essential oil aromatherapy? For example Lavender oil has been known for its therapeutic benefits or Peppermint that tends reducing inflammation; but be cautious these aren’t FDA-approved remedies ~unfortunately~

Coughs & Sore Throats

Tea-lovers rejoice! Hot teas…actually anything hot really churn up the mucus so sip away dear friends. Especially Imbue tea made from black tea leaves blended with lemongrass/cinnamomum zeylanicum gingerroot fennel seeds whole cardamom cloves star anise extract simply ties it all together.

And Try gargling saltwater every few hours to relieve sore throats. I mean what is this 1801?? But hey, it works!


Between the help of saline nasal sprays / Neti pots or decongestants like Sudafed/Claritin etc we can breathe a little easier removing whatever’s gunking up our schnoz. Though if you go the over-the-counter route, ensure that medications aren’t taken in conjunction with anything blood pressure related problems may arise.

Food for thought

At this point I’m sure just about all you’re consuming is soup brought to you by “soup fairies” who come into existence exclusively during times of illness (they're definitely underrated) but inevitably taste bud boredom will overshadow your healthy appetite . So here are some snack ideas:

  • Toast + honey (honey has antioxidants and antimicrobial properties)
  • Bananas (easy on stomach plus packed with potassium)
  • Avocado toast w/sea salt flakes & hot sauce drizzle (#avocadotoastforlife )
  • Health-focused smoothies armed immune boosting powerhouses like kale… followed immediately by decadent smoothie filled Oreo filler

(But really, diets snitchin’ on us think David Bowie)

Sleep better tonight

After trying any if not many attempted relief methods it's time to get some rest again but better! Here’s how…

  1. Take a warm bath or shower before bed This helps relax muscles making falling asleep way easier and more accessible – unless bathing at night only wakes ya back up then skip^_^.
  2. Keep bedroom cool/darken setup Create an optimal environment free from distractions such as phones/laptops/tv (also work-related electronics too), prioritize achieving calming sleep space leaving everything else out.
  3. Mindfulness meditation practices i.e deep breathing can be beneficial after meditative episodes occurring every now and again which encourage silence… prime atmospheric content for dreamlike visuals eventually dozing off

Conclusion: Recovery mode

There you have it friends –the most important thing to do is always listen to your body! Refusing medical treatment when necessary ,followed by the proper combination of home remedies might work best for some in relieving sicknesses. Shelve all previous plans for a few days and unapologetically indulge yourself until you’re feeling hot (figuratively) and healthy once again.

P.S The soup fairy demands one more bowl of homemade chicken noodle STAT!

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