Fighting Fever While Nursing: What to Take for a Fever when Breastfeeding

Nothing quite throws off the joy of experiencing motherhood like catching a fever. A nasty high temperature, body malaise and discomfort but worst still is when you can't even take almost any over-the-counter medication. It only becomes ten times harder if you are battling with breastfeeding as well. The mere thought of it could give any Mommy goosebumps just from confusion on what measures to take against the fever, so we’ve got you covered! No worries mama; this article will provide tips on how to fight fever while nursing.

Fighting Fever While Nursing: What to Take for a Fever when Breastfeeding

Understanding your symptoms

Before treating your fever, let us examine some frequent signs/symptoms that come along with sickness: - Body or muscle pain - Fatigue - High Temperature - Sweating

The above indicate the manifestation of various ailments such as common colds or flu characterized by yucky fluids flowing endlessly out various our facial passages{1}. I know right? Ewww!

Causes of Fever

It's important first to understand what actually causes fevers in lactating mothers before deciding their course of action towards treatment. - Hormonal Changes Like seriously who must have guessed that all those hormonal shifts during pregnancy can also cause erratic immune responses. - Dehydration Not taking enough water affects milk production and can lead to low immunity exposing New Moms( In Caps)to viruses such as upper respiratory infections{2} making them likely candidates for poor health diagnosis which equals elevated variability. These peculiar symptoms soundunpleasant? trust me trying feeling hot one minute then chilling mercies extremeTooth sensitivitymakes having babies more difficult than climbing Mount Everest Alone.

Can OTC Medications Fix Postpartum Symptoms?

Nope, they cannot fix most postpartum conditions especially those related directly through feeding a baby naturally as readily available counter medicine technology has failed Mothers numerous times #ObviousMuch ! But that doesn't mean we are stranded, just demotivated. Apparently, Sipping on beverages rich in electrolytes is a great way to preventfevers and dehydration. Also, consult with your doctor; there could be specific products s/he can prescribe you securely when nursing without causing significant harm baby.

Natural remedies

Most modern physicians recommend natural alternatives for alleviating symptoms of fever while continuing breastfeeding. They feel it's by far the safest option available (however this needs more critical scientific examination).


Lemon contains citric acid which quickly takes care of flu infections and citrus bioflavonoids depicted as excellent antiviral substances{4}.


Garlic is one of the most effective home remedies used across the globe for surviving fevers while lactating since it has proven anti-inflammatory abilities. Other simpler solutions include taking lukewarm salt baths or applying cool towels where necessary!

Check-out Your Diet

It’s essential to take an active role concerning things eaten or drunk since certain items could trigger detrimental effects overall wellbeing resulting in a higher probability of acquiring associated illnesses( In Caps!). Mothers should restrict habits such as consuming spicy foods, processed sugars frequently. Moreover, adapting a keto diet may work well. Keto diets mainly involve high fat and protein levels hence reduced likelihoodto lower immune response which often triggers body malaise/ discomfort via overexertion. Taking larger portions at meal times will alleviate restlessness and lethargy related to feeding infants daily.

Share some other practical food tips suitable for mothers battling symptoms {5} - Proteins such as chicken breast / eggs provide strength . - Fermented foods like yogurt aid digestion soothing inflammation therefore preventing development fevers further down life line if regularly ingested averagely consisting good bacteria strains known minimize pathogens' survival chances thereby improving gut microbiome health! Did someone say sharing? Then help out another mommy friend today.


To sum up moms, taking care of oneself re-energizes the body and boosts immunity to beatfevers without compromising nursing practices. It’s relatively easy as long as one follows the stipulated guidelines focused primarily on finding natural remedies suitable for Mothers currently feeding their babies. Try out tried and tested solutions while carefully monitoring your health progress avoiding harsh toxins that often damage sensitive systems further impeding future reproductive outcomes negatively.

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