Find Your Perfect BBT Thermometer: A Guide

Have you ever heard of a basal body thermometer? No, it's not a fancy way to measure the temperature of your pet turtle! It's actually an essential tool for women who are trying to conceive or track their menstrual cycle.

Find Your Perfect BBT Thermometer: A Guide

Finding the right BBT thermometer can be overwhelming with so many options available in the market. But fret not! We've got you covered with our ultimate guide to help you find your perfect match.

What is a BBT Thermometer?

Before diving into how to choose the right one, let's start by understanding what exactly is a basal body thermometer (BBT). A BBT measures the lowest temperature of your body when at complete rest - typically when sleeping - and provides more accurate readings than regular thermometers.

BBT temp fluctuates during different stages of a woman's menstrual cycle, allowing her to detect ovulation patterns and fertile windows. The key advantage that comes with using these sorts of thermometers is accuracy since they can detect even slight changes in bodily temperature which indicates any possible issues related to fertility.

Different Types

Fortunately, there are only two types-

1) Analog: This type requires manual reading as it does have direct data recording

2) Digital- Automatic recording on specific charts

How Do I know If My Thermometer Works?

Now that we're all familiar with what BBTs do let's move forward and take some steps towards picking up the most efficient device!

To ensure accuracy before choosing or selecting any brand/test function make sure its calibration settings work fine through basic tests like taking several temperature measurements from various parts of your own anatomy This will help rule faulty equipment out.

What Should You Look For In A Good Basal Body Thermometer?

  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • High rating/ customer satisfaction rate
  • Memory storing capabilities

Accuracy is Key

For women tracking ovulation, their fertility window is narrow and time-bound, making accuracy a top priority. The device should have an ability towards measuring temperatures with precision to the nearest tenth of a degree Celsius.

The temperature difference between consecutive readings at various phases which indicates things about ovulation stages like if it has happened (temp jump) or you are about to hit that fertile phase means choosing an accurate thermometer is important!


Women require long term use over lengthy periods of extremely consistent tracking! This makes durability a must-have quality in any type of health equipment as the last thing anyone would want is for their thermometer breaking or malfunctioning during crucial times.

Therefore, investing long-term usage on heavy-duty thermometers can be helpful and might also help you save some money- for all those desperate couples - looking for some cheap yet finest deals!

High Rating/ Customer Satisfaction Rate

If we're ever unsure about picking products from relatively new brands make sure we check reviews online before buying one. Often customers mention product qualities through positive feedbacks and reviews that give everyone an idea on what works best based on personal experiences.

Do not forget: customer satisfaction ratings tell us how good our options will work therefore it's always preferable to choose devices with higher ratings around 4+ rating.

Memory Storing Capabilities

Unlike previous inclinations where BBT thermometers typically featured only basic functionality; now they host added useful features such as memory capabilities allowing users easy analysis while eliminating any possible risk of human errors. Saving data up-to three menstrual cycles- Heedless to say this feature comes very handy when discussing potential increase so keep that in mind!

Maintaining hygiene when using basal body thermometers is essential! [1]

Here are quite a few DO’s And DONT’s recommendations-


  • Clean Thermometer end with rubbing alcohol after every use
  • Stay consistent about when to record temperatures to create more accurate data representations
  • Keep supportive pillows nearby


Suppose several concerning situations arise that require immediate attention such as fever, some recent disease or flu; using a BBT thermometer will be of no help during such critical periods since it might not have the ability towards tracking sudden temperature jumps related to an acute medical condition.

Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages before checking your basal body thermometer readings since they tend to tamper the temperature reading.[2]

There are over 100+ brands and models available online! Illustrated below is a table comprising top rankings based on their features (product brand sorted alphabetically).

Aulker -Accurate
-Large Display Screen
-Last Memory Reading(3 cycles)
Fairhaven Health Aurora -Easy-to-read display
-Beeper sound for completion
Femometer - Claimed accuracy of ±0.09°F/±0.05°C
Self illuminating LED display screen

It's important to note each product label before making any purchase decisions!

Another key point while investing in products like these let’s make sure we don't compromise quality just because there were cheaper alternatives!

In conclusion, acquiring knowledge regarding basal body thermometers has never been easy but knowing what you liked through exploring this article might boost confidence with decision making towards picking one up actually simpler than even chocolates can be difficult!

So pick yours today and start getting those insights about your fertility that were yet undiscovered!



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