Fit Mama: Can You Gym While Pregnant?

Are you a mama-to-be who is worried about staying fit during your pregnancy? Fear not, as we bring to you some great news! Yes, yes and YES! You can definitely hit the gym while pregnant. Working out during pregnancy has many benefits, both for the mother and her little one.

Fit Mama: Can You Gym While Pregnant?

Why Should I Work Out During Pregnancy?

Gone are the days when moms-to-be were advised complete bed rest. In fact, working out while pregnant is highly beneficial for expecting mothers in numerous ways:

1. Keeps You Active

Working out will prevent you from feeling lethargic all day long.

2. Helps Regulate Weight Gain

Excessive weight gain can harm your baby's health as well as yours; exercising regularly keeps this problem at bay.

3. Eases Labor Pain

Women who exercise throughout their pregnancies experience less pain during labor than those who don't work out at all!

4. Promotes Better Sleep

Working out releases endorphins that help reduce stress levels and promote better sleep cycles.

When Can I Resume My Workout Routine After Pregnancy?

If everything went smoothly with your delivery, then 6 weeks after giving birth would be ideal for resuming workout sessions - but always consult with your doctor beforehand since every woman’s body handles childbirth differently.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Hitting The Gym While Pregnant

Before adding fitness regimes into their daily lives again, mamas-to-be need to look at certain factors carefully:

1. Consult Your Doctor First!

Informing your doctor of what kind of exercises you want to indulge in make perfect sense since different women may have varying experiences/pregnancy-related complications.It’s best to confirm such things before proceeding ahead.

2.Choose Appropriate Exercises

Not all exercises are equal nor safe when it comes down to working-out whilst being pregnant. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of exercises which can be done Easily and are Safe:

  • Yoga

Yoga isn't only great for relaxing , but also immensely beneficial for the expecting mama's mental and physical well-being.

  • Walking

Walking is one of the safest options for all expectant moms since it doesn’t put much pressure on your joints yet will keep you active. Perfect to get those steps in vertically!.

  • Low-Impact Cardio Exercises

If jumping and running jacks were once part of her daily routine before pregnancy but seem daunting now then opt instead for low-impact cardio workouts such as cycling or swimming!

3. Avoid Heavy Lifting Or Overexerting Yourself

The muscle groups across our abdominal wall - particularly those found around our uterus protect against impact damage during pregnancy; lifting heavy objects puts extra strain onto them which increases risk by no small means.

Benefits Of Working Out Whilst Pregnant

We understand working out whilst being pregnant may raise questions like "is it worth it? What difference could exercising make?" Worry not ladies and gents, below are benefits straight from mums who swore by staying true to their fitness routines throughout their pregnancies!

1. Emotional Health Benefits

Regular exercise helps regulate mood swings, reduces anxiety levels thrumming through unborn kiddo(s)’ bloodstreams, promotes positivity, fortifies self-confidence & strengthens focus.

2.Helps Ease Pregnancy Ailments!

By engaging in light exercises during this sensitive time, conditions like: constipation / swollen limbs (fluid retention) / morning sickness/ backaches become more manageable thanks to excretions policed during exertion plus stimulation provided upon initiation of workout sessions.

Tips For Gym Wear And Choosing The Right Fit:

Voracious shoppers needn’t fret about exchanging haute couture outfits for maternity shorts-and-shirts combos, this is simply not the case! Being comfortable during workouts matters, which makes everything else fall into place.

1. Invest In Clothes Designed For Pregnancy + Exercise :

Well-tailored work-out clothes should tick off a few checkboxes:

  • Breathable fabrics
  • Shirts that don't ride up while cycling/on active days / touching toes
  • supporting belly bands allowing unrestricted manoeuvres if dressing in leggings

2.Choose the right fit:

There's nothing worse than wearing apparel that is either too tight or too loose , and having to constantly adjust it when trying to get some sweat on. We recommend choosing one size larger than your usual size so you can exercise confidently whilst avoiding any wardrobe malfunctions.(and no we dont wanna see those..!)

Be Cautious When You Do

For all those ladies who are like me, and love hitting the gym every day during their pregnancy (or Miss Universe sort!) be mindful of being over-enthusiastic - gaining an excessive amount of weight could lead other issues compounding risks associated by exerting loads beyond what our bodies were designed to endure.

So that concludes today’s article friends- remember there really is something for everyone out-there fitness wise during pregnancy, without causing detrimental health outcomes!. So next time someone tells you not-to-exercise cause " yOu r CaRryIng bABy" then come back with a smile & hold that head high!

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