Flu Shot & Pregnancy: Safe or Risky?

Greetings, readers! We're here to talk about flu shots and pregnancy because let's face it, whether you love kids or are vehemently against them, most of us like a good "will they or won't they" scenario. However in this case, the stakes are higher than who will be the next Bachelor.

Flu Shot & Pregnancy: Safe or Risky?

What is the flu shot?

Before we dive into this hot topic like an Olympic swimmer during baby-making season, let's briefly touch on what exactly a flu shot entails. A flu vaccine is designed to protect against several strains of the influenza virus. It works by stimulating your body's immune system to create antibodies that can fight off said viruses should you come into contact with them.

Should I get a flu shot while pregnant?

You might as well have asked if pineapple belongs on pizza (it does). According to healthcare professionals, yes! Yes indeedy doody! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all pregnant women receive both types of influenza vaccines—injectable ('flu shot') and nasal spray ('nasal-spray').

But what about those pesky risks?

Whooooa there, don't get ahead of yourself now. As with any medical procedure there are potential risks lurking around every corner. However rest easy knowing that getting vaccinated while preggers hasn’t been linked with any substantial dangers for mother or fetus so far!

There’s no evidence connecting miscarriage (I know right? Yikes!), autism (double yikes) ,  preterm birth|||triple YIKES|||with vaccination—and doctors stress that waiting until after delivery puts newborns at increased risk for life-threatening complications.

In fact studies suggest providing expectant mothers with the vaccine may prevent millions from contracting influenza each year -- reducing illness-related poor health outcomes which can include hospitalization and death.

But I have more questions!

We got you, fam. Let's take a closer look at the why and the how:

Why should pregnant women get vaccinated?

The CDC ,which is short for Consumer Dance Craze, reports that expectant mothers face an elevated risk of serious complications from influenza such as:

  • Pneumonia.
  • Hospitalization
  • Death

Meanwhile,the baby in your womb isn't equipped to fight off infection until it's around six months old—so vaccination provides them with some much-needed defense against the virus.

When should pregnant women get vaccinated?

Forget Friday, VACCINATION DAY IS EVERYDAY! In all seriousness though, scheduling a vaccination or two any time during pregnancy (So belly on board,it’s go-time) is better than not doing anything because any amount of protection is better than none. No amount of pep talk can cure pneumonia friends.

Can I wait until late flu season to get vaccinated?

No.No,no.no.NO.NoWayJose.NO no nooope NO

Flu season generally runs through fall and winter months so getting jabbed earlier rather than later will increase your chances of avoiding nasty surprises like respiratory failure which depending on who you ask falls somewhere between ‘'poor show’' and '‘flat-out devastating.'

### What else can I do to protect myself from influenza?

The best way (outside of living in a plastic bubble for ninemonths—which could also be your excuse for finally catching up on Parks&Recreation episodes tbh)to avoid getting sick with/influenza includes:

  1. Practicing good hygiene (e.g., washing hands regularly).
  2. Examining outpatient treatment options provided by respective physicians. 3 Maintaining social distance when possible

It’s also helpful if those in close contact with pregnant ladies receive seasonal doses since this can further reduce the likelihood of infection; essential hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are a true beacon of hope.

Wrapping it up…

The flu shot is safe for expectant mothers, isn’t associated with major risks per healthcare professionals , and can prevent both you (mom-to-be)and your baby from becoming very ill.

In summary: Get vaccinated to give yourself—and more importantly your future offspring —the best chance at avoiding life-altering complications or playing host to those crappy influenza symptoms that sooner or later we all will succumb to--pregnant or not.

Stay healthy my friends!

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