Freezing Plum Puree: A Guide to Long-Term Storage

Plums are such versatile fruits. They can be transformed into jam, compote, pie filling and of course, puree! Making plum puree is like experiencing magic in your kitchen--blending ripe plums creates a sweet and tart flavor profile that's great for many recipes or simply enjoyed as it is.

Freezing Plum Puree: A Guide to Long-Term Storage

However, the lifespan of fresh plum puree doesn't last too long unless you have freeze power on your side. Freezing is an excellent way to preserve food for future use, especially when you don't want to waste any excess produce. In this guide, we will explore everything there is to know about freezing plum puree.

Preparing Your Plum Puree

Picking The Right Plums

Before embarking on any fantastic culinary adventure with plums, picking a variety that tastes incredible and meaty in texture should be at the forefront of your mind. A good rule of thumb would be selecting flavorful plums such as Satsuma or Black Amber varieties.

Once you've picked out the perfect selection of juicy goodness for your purée:

  1. Wash them thoroughly.
  2. Halve them along their vertical axis.
  3. Remove their pits using a spoon.
  4. Cut each half into three smaller slices.

Next, 5.pureé the sliced Juicy heaven - let no man stop thee!

Best Blender To Use

When it comes down to blender choices capable enough to process tough ingredients like plum skins , look no further than immersion blenders! These handheld wonders allow users easy access due to its compact design which means minimal food waste

How To Freeze & Store Your Plum Puree

Now that your fresh †pureé has been created flawlessly albeit laboriously, it's time freezerize! Below are three efficient ways: they are,

  • Silicone Bags
  • Glass Jars
  • Freezer-safe Containers

Using Silicone Bags

Silicone bags are one of the best ways to store puree since they are:

  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean/dritable
  • Can keep food fresh for an extended period.

Other pros include little "air pockets" that won't destroy your puree, and less-freezes making it much easier †to access† small amounts as needed. Simply fill a silicone bag with the amount of purée you require, securely seal it up, date-label it--it'll then be good for use after two months.

Tips For Silicone Bags

  • Start sealing from one end before opening another.
  • Make sure there's no extra air in the bag.

Using Glass Jars

An absolute classic timeless method entails opting for glass jars which means keeping track of important things i.e., dangerous lid-warping or cracking when temperatures change rapidly etc.. To protect against any breakage during freezing ensure:

  1. Choosing quality seamed jars not meant just for canning but also freezing without problems!
  2. Allow at least 1-inch headspace near each jar’s top.
  3. Securely tighten lids without over tightening them!

This convenience encourages effortless defrosting by allowing users to see what has been stored; essential food labels may be affixed on papers attached via rubber bands or waterproof tape.. Once labeled efficiently stack them like a pro with ease and voila! Your frozen plums will last anywhere between four-five months intact in taste and freshness levels.

Tips For Glass Jars

  • Be keen on choosing appropriate-sized ones (pint-size won't work well).
  • Don't fill jars all-too-full.

Using Freezer-Safe Containers

Frozen plum puree is convenient when using proper freezer-safe containers due its sturdy qualities. Some advantages?

 Can freeze large quantities inside these containers  Stack up neatly to save space  Allow defrosting in the fridge without creating a mess.

The #1 rule while using Freezer-safe containers, no clear plastic! Not only does it reduce quality (leeching chemicals) but also destroy color – good luck trying to differentiate between different colored ______ if you use these containers instead. Fill your container of choice with plum puree, seal it securely and write name,date and amount on the lid's top.. Furthermore, place them inside your freezer for ultimate results!

Tips For Freezer-Safe Containers

  • Make sure they have air-tight seals!
  • Freeze only amounts that can be used in one go.
  • Allow at least 1-inch of headspace when sealing any container.

How Long Can I Keep Plum Puree In The Freezer?

After all the hard work put into freezing your juicy magic, how long should you expect before thawed ingredients ?

How about this The purée will last anywhere between four months - eight months given optimal conditions including appropriate storage;indeed,you don't want spoilage or mold problems? Frozen plums retain textural qualities without compromising their sweet taste notes as much †when compared† to those cooked during a delicious confection recipe yay!

Another extra tip would be checking/inspecting Purée bags/jars regularly which provides ample opportunity pre-planned meals as needed.. No more sudden inspiration-inspired late-night trips back home after realizing there is not enough Juicy goodness left!

Defrosting Your Plum Puree

After waiting weeks always remember letting frozen fruit strips sit outside until naturally defrost still doesn't cut it --But wait! !

Here are three ways to speed things up:

Let It Sit Overnight In The Fridge

This is a hassle-free method. Leaving purees overnight reduces damage caused through overcooking food scraps hence saving time plus effort guaranteed! †As long as† they're not thawed for more than 48 hours,no health problems emerge- miraculous we know.


For those of you with less time on your hands (or kids running around), using a microwave's fantastic benefits helps to defrost food rapidly: Steps being- 1. Place plum puree in a microwavable container 2. Select defrost settings(15 minutes). Then, 3. Defrost until done. Easy Peasy, Kool & The Gang!

Tips For Using Microwaves

  • Remember setting the mode on low temperature..
  • A lesser-mashed consistency will work better.

Bain Marie Or Water Bath

This method involves filling your pot with water and incorporating glass jars filled with frozen.Plum purée before heating below average heat levels. When this happens,a small amount of wetness evaporates creating ideal humidity promoting quick melting!

Tips For Bain Marie/ Water Bath

➔ Turn off the flame when ready! ➔ Implementing tongs should be sufficient given how hot things become!

Wrapping Up

Freezing Plum Purees is one of the best methods to help extenuate its life-span without compromising taste or texture even after months have passed by.

With all pros mentioned above whether you opt for silicone bags, glass jars or containers, follow recommended freezing pre-requisites read tips carefully--it ensures that plum tastes like it was freshly picked instead of musty/rancid addition what-nots..

So go ahead conquer a freezer full-of-plums while having fun making creative recipes after successfully following our guide.. Who knows? You might even impress Gordon Ramsey on his next visit – simple 😉

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