Freshen Up Your Afghan: How to Wash it Like a Pro

Afghans add warmth and comfort to any space. Not only do they provide a cozy feel, but their unique designs also contribute to the beauty of your decor. The downside? They get dirty quickly – sometimes even within days or weeks of purchase! Have no fear; we’ve got you covered with some tips on how to wash your afghan like a pro.

Freshen Up Your Afghan: How to Wash it Like a Pro

Shake Things Up

Before throwing your afghan in the washing machine, give it a good shake outside or over an open space inside. This action will help remove dust and other particles that have accumulated on the surface fibers (but make sure you're not shaking anything else). You can use a lint roller for persistent pet hair as well.

Read the Label

Like every high-maintenance item, there is usually an instruction label attached that provides guidelines for cleaning (yeah, those annoying things). Ensure yours hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The suggested method varies based on material composition and color - wool versus cotton versus acrylics including bright colors such as fuchsia rather than black (isn't being human complicated?). Some items are best hand-washed while others require special attention if machine washed - so make sure you check before embarking into actions that turn out regretful!

Consider Handwashing vs Machine Wash

There's nothing wrong with hand washing at home whenever suitable – after all, doing it by yourself means more control over water temperature and care taken overall right down to scrubbing specific areas where dirt may be embedded (only if necessary guys!). Machine washing is great when time is of concern but don't forget about protecting delicate fabrics from rapid wear-and-tear depending upon which step follows next:

Delicates cycle?

Consider using this feature if available (if stress needs an outlet consider sticking around until cycle completion).

Cold water exclusively?

It conserves energy and saves money without damaging the fabric. In some cases, a formulation of laundry detergent may deem hotter water necessary but if no directions are given why not go for colder? Your energy bill will love it.

Specific cycle?

Different brands may offer cycles specifically tailored to different material composition/fonts/types/etc – there’s more choice than you think (though bear in mind reading instructions is still relevant like an almost-ancient act).

Selecting Detergents

It’s important to choose a detergent that won’t be too harsh on your afghan (harsh is such a strong word), fragrant scent doesn't always mean good: pick something relatively mild or Eco-friendly with minimal additives and artificial perfumes(Your nose would thank you). Be mindful of any allergies towards specific ingredients making user decisions less prone to fixable adversity.

How Often Should You Wash It?

The answer ultimately depends on how often you use and snuggle up in your Afghan security blanket. Monthly washes are highly encouraged for high-frequency utilization while others inspect before-hand by caressing fibers (a way to show affection from another perspective). Keep in mind that soil causes friction which speeds up wear-and-tear process - frequency is definitely appreciated here!

Final Checks Before Putting On Spin Cycle

Always make sure foreign objects don't accompany the couch blanket into the washing machine – this includes loose change, pens, keys and other common culprits found hugging rocks at the bottom of our bags.

&&&| Final steps | Care | Tips | ---| --- | ---| Check Labels! | Every Material Should be Handled Differently  |Use Delicates Cycle If Available Shake It!                                         Come Outside Whatever It Takes ????  |- Avoid Harsh Detergent ⁉️ Not An Ironic Item To Clean  |Cold Water=Energy And Price Conservation!  Visit Your Machine's Cycles | Concise Washer models often have labelled cycle types available | Pre-Clean – No Random Objects

Air Drying

Avoid machine-drying your afghan. Not only can the heat damage the fabric and cause shrinkage but lint may also remain on carpet cutting down its finish variety. For best long-term results, opt for air drying techniques (helps balance the cost of dryers too!).

And that's a brief ending reminder to keep in mind whilst washing up (and ultimately: Ahh now you're good to go!) Next time use our guide to keep your trusty Afghan clean and comfortable so you not only feel soundly tucked in from life but are proud of assimilating something new yet healthy for daily routines.

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