Fuel Up: What to Eat for 3000 Daily Calories

Welcome, fellow foodies! If you're reading this, it means that you have decided to take your diet seriously and fuel up with some monster calories. So let's dive right in and see what can make our tummies roar with contentment.

Fuel Up: What to Eat for 3000 Daily Calories

The Importance of Delta Proteins

As a calorie-seeker, the importance of delta proteins cannot be overstated. These bad boys are one of the essential amino acids required for muscle growth and recovery. So, let's look at where we can find them: - Chicken Breast (3 oz) – 21 grams - Grass-fed Beef (3 oz) – 22 grams - Tofu (100 gms) – 8gms

You could also opt for tofu if being an herbivore is your thing

Carbs - Our Best Friend

Carbohydrates or carbs love us back like no other macronutrient. They burn slowly enough to provide long-lasting energy without feeling like we need a nap midway through our day. The best sources of carbohydrates include: - Sweet Potatoes(4oz)- 30g - Oatmeal(1 cup)-20g - Brown Rice (1cup-cooked)-40g

Available Options For Those With Gluten Related Ailments

  options containing more than just carbs

Fiber-rich Foods For Gut Health

For all those moments when 'going' could use a little push, fiber-foods come into play; they aid digestion by moving things along quickly. Here are some high-fiber plant-based items worth considering-

  • Quinoa Grain(90gm uncooked serving )11gm
  • Blackbeans(½ cup serving size cooked)-(6 gm)
  • Pumpkin Seeds-(9 gm/quarter-cup)

If you hail from South America, this is an old story for you.

Fats - The Unsung Hero

Not all fats are created equally. Unhealthy fats can harm the heart, but healthy fats can help with joint health and brain function. We need gravity-defying stratospheric levels of fat in our diet – just the good type. Some significant sources include: - Avocado (1 medium-sized) - 23 gms - Nut Butter (2 tbsp)-20gms - Tuna(5oz serving) -(10gm)

Just asking: Do nuts ever go out of style?

THE most useful wrapper around a salad!

Dairy Dope

Drops Microphone [Gives Stunned Expression] What?? Wait not so fast; I am still alive : ) So folks where was I.... Yes!!! FOOD !!! Although some people have personal intolerance to dairy products opening up new horizons like almond milk or soy milk there are many benefits to Dairy Products as well.You'll be quite thrilled to know that your favourite yoghurt bowl also does wonders by providing ample amounts of protein and bone-friendly calcium.

-A full cup of Greek yogurt-20grams -Hard Cheese(1oz)-7gram

Meal Plan 101

Now let's put those food items into a meal plan category-wise covering every ground-

Breakfast Ideas

No more excessive morning crankiness. Start your day right following any one option mentioned below-

Option 1:

Sweet Potato Hash Browns(3/4th cup)(24g carb) Scrambled eggs (2 whole)+(4tbsp egg-whites)(21gms protein) -Garlic sautéed Spinach(Serves Yumminess)

Option 2:

-Instant Oatmeal+chocolate chips+(Himalayan pink salt sprinkle)+Almond Milk(Packed with Fiber) -Boiled Eggs(2)+(1 Whole Wheat Toast)+Sliced Avocado Spread(Love myself some healthy fats)

Lunch Ideas

Never miss a beat to recharge for one’s afternoon with these lunch options:

Option 1:

Brown Rice Bowl-Wrap this whole goodness up in an easy-to-eat bowl. Fry minced garlic, ginger and some green chilies up; toss a handful of spinach into the mixture. Cook your protein of choice separately (be it chicken or tofu), and then chuck them all together with whatever veggies you fancy – enjoy! (Brown Rice 50gm cooked)(40 grams carb)

Option 2:

-Tuna Sandwich(a science approved classic)-Get your sandwich ready with two slices of calorie-rich 'Whole Grain' bread packed full of crunchy vegetables(cucumber,carrots cater) sliced Tuna fish,maybe add more cheese if you're feeling spicy! Yummo!

Dinner Ideas

Where would we be without dinner? A game-changer after long hours pecking at our jobs(sigh).

Option 1: Few juicy Spicy grilled red meatballs(alongside healthy fibre-packed quinoa grain), top it off with avodado hummus dip(summer blockbuster vibes).

Option 2: A Pizza heaven night-Layer on Pesto on top of Whole-wheat Thin Crust Pizza Dough(Talk about Iron Richness!) Add Tomato sauce base made from scratch(It's Okay to cheat sometimes),Handfuls of Sprouts/Spinach/Rocket Lettuce(aromatic greenery!)>Complete this lovely cheesy blop w/mozerella/tasty cheddar- Boomshakalala!!

There we have it folks - your nutrient-filled guide when meeting today's challenging diet goals. Hope y'all take back recommendations aplenty from here !!!

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