Fun & games: How to play with 9 month old

Congratulations! Your baby is now nine months old. The journey of parenting has been incredible, filled with ups and downs, challenges and joys. One of the best things about having a young child is all the time you get to play together. Playing with your baby has numerous benefits like aiding cognitive development and strengthening parent-child bonds - not that we need an excuse to goof around.

Fun & games: How to play with 9 month old

Are you wondering how to spend quality playtime? Breathe easy; this article provides tons of ideas on fun games for your little one.

Flying Babies

Babies develop their brain from different sensory experiences flowing in their surroundings (1). Incorporate movement-oriented activities such as ‘Flying Baby’ where you move them around in rhythmic patterns or balance them rubber-like on your feet/hands gently flying up high providing gentle-enough thrills without reaching dangerous limits.

Balloon Bonanza

It’s fascinating how babies love balloons almost naturally (2). Blow up lots of colourful balloons slightly bigger than tiny hands wrapping burst by accident over excitement spoiling entire mood creating nightmare-ish screams (not too enjoyable). Roll it around bouncing it overhead, do not forget tossing-rolling along sparking curiosity welcoming laugh-out-loud moments enjoyed between both parents-baby!

Tummy Time

More floor-based action (3) specifically immobilising kids on tummies won’t be missed out during happy readings today—it’s likely that most doctors recommend it till they turned sixteen—basic but beneficial for building upper body strength supporting better posture leading towards improved motor skills-related learning ability(really cool stuff).

Roll up some towels placing under shoulders-propping arms free eliminating head dragging at correct extension-length will lead to whole hearted consistent efforts toward developing neck-muscles perhaps before strong independent walking abilities.

Furthermore, put off shoes-off socks-on shift colourful toys just out of reach say “GO” as the starting gun move it left-right (try right-left) grabbing things keeping steps repetition smooth-non-jerky moving her crawler-like towards next great adventure(4).

Roly Poly

Superstar game! Sitting down facing each other lengthwise, lay him on your lap holding both hands and rolling backward-forward same time suddenly turning to one side—keep reminding that we do not promote haphazard movement without adult supervision(safety first). Keep giggling throughout while tracking a lizard who is nonstop running thus leading you up and down along with motion providing another reason for big belly laughs between parents-babies.

Music Mayhem

Creating or playing music from scratch increases creativity in little ones (5) plus, it’s delightful. You can sing oral tuitions or even use found objects around to create melodies happenings handless or finger tapping on pots pans, shaking toy musical instruments like shakers leading them towards future musicianship.

Moreover, including song sessions during playtime leads to improving social skills-communication abilities via baby-parent interaction singing rhymes-chanting-along songs-stringing original lyrics together sparking happy smiles whilst simultaneously reducing stress levels.

Plus point? It provides you with added entertainment listening to what they string together improvised lyrics expressions uttered by tiny humans can be vastly entertaining(6).

Teddy Bear Tea Party

Set-up an intimate open-air tea party session outside packing—you guessed it—soft toys (teddy bears?). Set out mini-cups of water-small cute delicacies swishing teeth-less human pretending eating invisible sandwiches sipping H2O imitations filling their tummies-brain-growth fostering-hush puppy mannerisms socialising effortlessly(7).


The classic game originating from unknown origins incorporates predicting reactions/habits-smiles(Aw Sumoor Expression)/toddlers holds major nostalgic appeal (8). The format is rather simple; hide behind your hands popping up after a quick countdown going “Boo” eliciting joyful middle parting-giggles-huge grins-eye opening response (said in awe and wonder).

Take it to another level using props hiding faces behind oversized hats, crawl beneath bed sheets over couch arms or besides hiding amidst furniture making them guess where you are while they start to feel like detectives.

DIY Ball Pit

There’s something fascinating about sections filed with colourful balls just waiting for someone to dive in. Especially when that someone's nine-month-old baby (9). Since outings can be daunting amid unpredictable weather/hostile dry low budget times organising an easy soft ball-pit-total-fun even at home-something you look forward into during uneventful moments-(10).


The process involves setting up an enclosed structure before filling foam-filled plastic swimming pools/baby playpens/blue or red pop-up Circus Tents (if found) allowing safe self-exploration-with-play surface featuring hypoallergenic-plastic-soft air-filled spheres.

Moreover, add the element of mystery throwing toys small pseudo-scavenger hunt inside perhaps placing fake treasure/other incentives leading creative thinking skills alongside wrist-strength-development(11).

Another benefit? It keeps them distracted—leaving the household supplies alone giving parents a few well-deserved minutes of peace for themselves.

Crawling Alley

Nothing beats cheering on kids who have started advancing toward crawling-walking motions-together which comes naturally utilising positive physical challenges since growth calls for such responses both from babies-body-and-brain (12)

Coming up with crawling alley requires picking most suitable-yet-standing lengthwise-creating double line-width-wise patterns grabbing anything lying around-formed jumbled tunnels clearly defining activity spaces-providing space decision-making-process-visual recognition-memory-recalling coordination-building moments-best-dashing-crawling-curious-tiny-human-events yet(slow clap)!

Flash Dance and Lights

The many colourful flashing lights of slot machines or casinos bring some sense of excitement inherent in the human psyche. Flaunting current colours allows babies to enjoy rad light shows at home, setting up flashlights curtain with different colours-arrays illuminating portable lamps glowing carousels-house corners(13).


Watch them react-laugh-jump towards new colour changes-dark-light alternations imaginatively conjured settings.

Moreover, this fascination furthers provides excellent baby focus capabilities-helping staying glued to one idea-task-solving oriented developmental skills by preventing jumping around issuing unnecessary fidgety moments.

Ask anyone who has stumbled upon these fascinating neon inspired scenes; once a single match appears to hit more incredible ‘cool factor’ for emerging little-would-be ravers.

Sensory Play Date

Sensory play dates offer your kid(s) using five senses creating opportunities learning discovering experimenting-allowing stretching imaginations-improving mental faculties exploring concepts(the infant requires) during immersive interactive Sessions(14).

Create sensory-stimulating toy-bins-filed-based-on visual-auditory-textual-and-zoomorphic learning aids including sand-art panels-shaving cream-water painting sessions-cooking experiments-understanding dirty clean-soapy sudsy objects filling vision based toys mentally stimulating thoughts rising safety-concerns-levels ensuring supervision (15).

In Conclusion

Playing with nine-month-old babies can be exciting enmeshed bonding time providing ideal situation weaving through fun-different-games-emphasising-mental-sensorial communication motor-development-social-engagement during essential-longitudinal life growth processes. Since every child develops differently monitoring their specific interests improvise various-interconnected playful activities would ensure long-term benefits preparing them increased confident living being. Now none could say “I do not have any games to play” when it comes to nine months old happy baby living gleefully happily through your compassionate parenthood.

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