Get Ahead of the Game: Spotting Early Pregnancy Signs

Congratulations! You've bloated up like a hot air balloon, spend most of your day feeling nauseous and have a bizarre craving for peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. There's no need to panic, though - it just means you're pregnant (probably). But how do you know for sure? Don't worry; we've got your back(mostly) covered.

Get Ahead of the Game: Spotting Early Pregnancy Signs

The Basics

Don’t skip breakfast! If you’re planning on skipping breakfasts with hopes that it’s going to shrink some ‘baby weight’. Hang on there love! Skipping meals can mess up various metabolic processes in the body which generally leads to mood swings while making spotting pregnancy symptoms even more difficult.

Am I REALLY Pregnant?

Before we get into all the gory details, let’s make sure that what you’re experiencing is legit(for real) baby-making stuff – not just something caused by one spicy burrito or food poisoning from last night's taco bingeing!

Common misconceptions include nausea(giddy), fatigue(sleepy), and changes in appetite.(always hungry but don’t know why!) While these symptoms are often present during early pregnancy (or just any lazy Sunday) taking them individually is never enough to confirm if indeed someone could be carrying a little bundle.

If things seem too good/bad crazy(been pulling this excuse off for years now!), keep an eye out for other potential signs over at least two weeks including missed periods(fingers crossed) and breast tenderness(Please ouch!).

Other subtle hints such as cramping (that feels different than usual menstrual cramps) or constipation(chew fiber-gummies quickly rather than candy!) can also indicate pregnancy. #gamechanger #[insert self-discovery moment here]

For those looking ahead(meaning thinking beyond week 3)- obstetrical care providers may conduct blood tests (boring!) or ultrasound (super fun stuff! )to ascertain the presence of hCG(human chorionic gonadotropin) and other pregnancy hormones in your body.

Early Signs

During Early Pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes pretty radical changes as it creates all kinds of suites for the wee one coming along. Here are some tips to help you spot these nuances:


Ah yes, good old morning sickness. Doesn’t that sound like great fun? In reality(ugh), nausea is often present all day long without any signs of easing up(ever). The best advice here is to snack regularly throughout the day(Snickers!!!), drink plenty fluids, and take frequent naps(always trust me on this!). If your vomiting begins Congratulations? I guess?


Feel like taking a nap during those important hours at work(afternoon slump anyone?!)? You're not alone – many women experience increasing fatigue within weeks 1-6(preferrably apart from Monday mornings!). Even if you’re well rested('fingers crossed'), increased levels progesterone(new vocabulary yay!) can still make you feel sluggish(large doses of coffee maybe??). Be kind to yourself(naps!), and get used to saying "No" more often.(no babe!)

Mood Swings("I didn't mean what I just said")

Hormones raging everywhere can certainly cause emotional pangs from week 2 onwards(or we could say as usual).crying. Blast THAT SAD MOVIE!sob Your partner may wonder why everything suddenly pisses off(of course,you don’t know either or do ya?) but they'll have to chalk it up as part of what makes pregnancy such an adventure(joy unspeakable yayyy!).


While cramps are normal during early pregnancy - and for some women even resemble their typical menstrual cycle(oh joy!) – it's important to keep an eye out for excessive bleeding or more intense pains which could indicate a problem, so make sure to contact your healthcare provider if you're beyond concerned(scared really!).

Increased Temparatures(Hot Flashes)

It seems strange, but many women experience “hot flashes” during the first trimester of their pregnancy. This is just another example of how body temperature may fluctuate as hormones are changing rapidly throughout the system(good explanation mate!).


While all these symptoms sound negative(they aren't though), they are key indicators on this wonderful journey known as early (and ongoing) pregnancy(yayyy new beginnings!). Talk with friends/familymembers who have undergone similar experiences since emotional suport always helps(but beware:so many horror stories!!!). It’s comforting to know that feeling tired, nauseous(or in my case-hangry!!), and frustrated is normal during this exciting time. So stay positive(nap maybe?), try not falling apart at every single possibility(trying hard)...ok I lied… it's okay Go ahead cry over those cute baby shoes online- You can’t buy them now!

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