Got a gut ache? Here’s how to help abdominal pain!

Do you ever feel like your stomach is angry with you? Like there’s something alive inside it, lashing out with its tentacle arms in every direction, wreaking havoc on your insides?

Got a gut ache? Here

Welcome to the club. Many of us experience occasional abdominal pain, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. It can come from a variety of causes - from eating too much spicy food at once (guilty) or simply not chewing our food properly.

Here are some tips and tricks to ease your discomfort when your guts turn against you:

Drink water

When we have an upset stomach, it’s important to stay hydrated so that everything keeps moving along smoothly. Drinking enough water helps our digestive tract do its job more efficiently.

Bonus tip: add lemon juice or grated ginger for an extra boost! (yum)

Eat probiotics-rich foods

It might seem counterintuitive, but consuming bacteria can actually help balance things out in our gut flora. Probiotics are found in certain fermented foods like kimchi or yogurt (but don't mix those together). They also make supplements if you're looking for something easier than making kimchi.

Just remember not overdo it because too many probiotics can cause diarrhea and other unpleasant side effects (you've been warned).

Avoid trigger foods

One person's favorite dish may be another person's enemy: all kinds of food triggers exist!

Some common ones include dairy products (lactose intolerance), gluten (celiac disease), beans/legumes(because why not?)s(they taste good tho), fatty meats(a necessary sacrifice sometimes) , carbonated sodas(goodbye coke ads) just scroll through them instead….

Identifying which ones affect you specifically will take time - unless lactose intolerance strikes ruthlessly without warning). Make sure pay attention yourself up by eliminating each suspected trigger food on different days.

Reduce stress

Stress causes an insane amount of physiological problems, and your gut is no different. Stress can slow down digestion to a crawl (say goodbye to those chirashi bowls). Try meditating (or just taking focus on breathing) for 5 minutes every day - it’s scientifically proven to change our brainwaves and decrease cortisol levels, making us feel calmer overall (peace out).

Try some physical activity

Here's the tea: exercise (I knowww...) not only helps shake things up in the bowels but also reduces stress levels! Even light to moderate movement great; aim for 30-60 minutes each day!

Bonus tip: Yoga has many asanas designed specifically for stimulating digestion like Pawanmuktasana(bendy twisty) or Marjariasana(the 'cat pose’), check them out!

Consider OTC options

When all else fails… reach fo'r that OTC(over-the-counter painkiller/anesthetic)! If you’re experiencing severe stomach pains(like serious stabbing/constant pain/discomforts..) don’t hesitate because that discomfort affecting your well-being too much. As long as they're safe/recommended by health professionals these drugs absolutely help with diverting your energy back towards other important things around.

Some common over-the-counter medication for abdominal pain
thosefeeling gassy; make sure stuff have simethicone

Remember always follow package instructions DO NOT overdose without guidance from doctor/nurse/pharmacist.

Take good care of yourself - you deserve it! Remember stop self medicating when possible and seek medical assistance when necessary!

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