Got a sore tailbone? Heal it with these tips!

Are you sitting awkwardly reading this article because your precious little tailbone is hurting like hell? Well, don't worry. We've all been there before! Whether you fell down the stairs or tripped over something silly, a sore bum is one of the most uncomfortable experiences to go through.

Got a sore tailbone? Heal it with these tips!

But here's the good news: healing your tailbone can be done quite easily if you know what to do! In this article, we'll go over some tips that will help you get back on your feet (or rather bum) in no time. So, without further ado,let's get cracking on some remedies so that we can stop wincing every time we sit down.

1) Use A Donut Pillow

Don't be fooled by its name; we're not talking about eating anything sweet here! A donut pillow is a cushion shaped like - wait for it - a doughnut! It has an opening in the middle which alleviates pressure from your coccyx bone when you sit down.

So instead of suffering through using hard surfaces as seating options and shifting around constantly to manage discomfort,get yourself a cute little supportive pastry-shaped cushion and give yourself a real position upgrade.

2) Stretch Your Hamstrings

Hold up; why stretch my hamstrings when my butt hurts? Let us explain: stretching out those tight hammies at the back of our legs improves overall movement in our pelvis area where our pretty tails reside, thus reducing tension points.

Here are two easy hamstring stretches:

  • Sit on the floor with both legs straight out.
  • Reach towards your toes until you feel gentle resistance.
  • Hold for 10 seconds then relax.
  • Repeat x3 times Or

  • Lie flat on your back with both knees bent toward chest.

  • Slowly straighten one leg to feel a gentle stretch at the back of the thigh.
  • Hold for 10 seconds then relax.
  • Repeat x3 times on each side.

Stretching is key, and yes that includes when you're in pain. Don't be lazy.

3) Ice It Up

You know what our secret weapon against inflammation and swelling happens to be? You guessed it - ice!

Grab an ice pack or anything frozen from your freezer, wrap it up in cloth, and place it on your tailbone for around 20 minutes every day until you start seeing improvements. This will help reduce any tenderness you may have so plop right on down anywhere without worrying about the discomfort.

(Pro Tip: If sitting directly on an icepack isn't working out well,try pillowcase wrapping one around some sturdy cushiony comforter).

4) Invest In A Gel Seat Cushion

Are donut pillows not to your taste? Is freezing yourself too much of a bother? Then get yourself a gel seat cushion! Not only are they plush and comfortable but they also contour perfectly to your body shape giving effective support where necessary (and making life more comfortable overall).

Use them anytime whether driving or lounging for maximum benefits.

5) Do Yoga Asanas

The practice of yoga has been shown to improve balance, flexibility as well as circulation - all things necessary when healing sore bits such as yours truly-your tailbone!

Here are two poses we'd recommend:

  • Cat-Cow Stretch
  • Begin with both hands and knees pressed into mat
  • Breathe in while arching spine upwards / looking upward known as cow pose
  • Exhale while rounding spine downwards/chin towards chest called cat pose.

Repeat this process several rounds per session .


  • Child's Pose

    • Kneel down onto mat keeping feet together.

    • Sit back onto heels with chest leaning forward over your knees and stretch arms forward.

    • Stay in position for several breaths.

These popular asanas have been known to work wonders on lower-back pain! Don't delay; become a yogi today.

6) Get A Massage

There's nothing quite like the feeling of someone else working out those knots, right? Apart from this being a luxurious indulgence,getting some friendly hands smoothening out tender imbalances can actually relieve you of any discomfort around our tailbone!

Find yourself an experienced masseuse or, better yet, ask your significant other/sibling/friend/anyone who cares about you enough to give you the all-important tail-bone rub-down.

7) Adjust Your Sleep Position

If standing up is too long are sitting down is simply unbearable then sleep position becomes crucial when dealing with soreness in one area. If you're used to prone lying - that will aggravate pressure points right above the ham bone (is there even such a thing?) so switch things up:

  • Lie flat on your back
  • Place small pillow or cushion below knees
  • Hit snooze and enjoy downtime sans pain.

Alternatively - if sleeping on your side feels most comfortable be sure to prop up some soft support again under our[["real life fairy"|"fairytale"]] little magical appendage aka coccyx while catching zzz's.

8) Take Pain Relievers

Sometimes healing takes time,and sometimes we just need help dulling the physical sensation until it starts getting better on its own. In these moments plain ol' aspirin or ibuprofen may do the trick! However always consult doctor/pharmacist first especially if taking any prescriptions already beforehand.

9) Avoid Hard Seating Surfaces

Go soft wherever possible: piles of cushions create spontaneous seating while sitting atop a soft towel or blanket (knit yourself one to get extra credits in crafting). Bonus points for being able to change your seating position at will.

Remember, chairs that don't offer much support just create more pressure against our tails which counteracts healing progress greatly.

10) Eat Anti-Inflammatory Food

Believe it or not what's on your plate can help prevent inflammation from becoming an issue and putting a damper on future movement patterns - what is the point of having discomfort subsiding if we continue making things worse afterwards? Try incorporating more healthy fats such as omega-3s, avocadoes, nuts et cetera into diet as well anything with antioxidants like kale berries etc. There are also supplements available for these nutritional sources

11) Take A Break

Taking time out from any excessive physical exertion may seem boring but trust me; as someone who has been down the road of injury while attempting various athletic ventures, stepping back even temporarily can make all difference.

It aish your body regain necessary momentum in recovery process so hell-there take mandatory "me-time". Continue once healed and able; there no rush.

12) Kegel Exercises

This one might surprise you! Pelvic floor muscle are obviously integral-not only do they influence our ability to hold pee without sprinting towards restroom but also keep tailbone secure within rightful place during vigorous activity which means weaker muscles equals hazards and riskier outcomes when moving around vigorously.

Therefore kegels exercises perfect antidote - clench those pelvic muscles tight then release after few seconds until start feeling comfortable alternating sets daily!

13) Source Assistance From Professional Chiropractor Or Physiotherapist

Maybe DIY remedies aren't working out-or perhaps tried multiple ideas already with little relief offered-Coronavirus pandemic notwithstanding why go off half-baked?

Think about seeking medical intervention specifically by consulting someone who understands specific requirements of tailbone-related soreness. They will work with to alleviate discomfort from its source as opposed only addressing surface level symptoms.

14) Don't Forget About your Dosage

You're taking medication because it dulls the sensation but doesn't help actual healing process, and nobody wants more pain. Make sure you read manufacturer's instructions so that when medicine is at optimized level can still function normally (less neck craning, overall better outlook.)

It'll worth checking reviews verifying product authenticity-shady sources risk serious repercussions.

15) Wear Supportive Clothing

Whether deciding on opting for slimming shapewear or just something less clingy there no single benefit to restricting coccyx one!

Don't slip into temptation of putting excessive pressure; try dressing loose-fitting garments instead-opt relaxation much?

Dress comfortably first and foremost unless fatiguing textile obsession takes over...

16) Meditation

Relaxing mind simultaneously helpful for all body tenderness in dealing with nervous system tension.

Meditation itself allows mind-body balance so if nothing else works finally indulge yourself in a mental vacation.

No excuse not doing right by favorite enviable feature and cherished part of anatomy -think: happy coccyx equals satisfied person after all.

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