Got Gut Issues? Is Almond Milk Constipating?

Are you drinking almond milk as a dairy alternative, but noticing some gut issues? Fear not, as we delve into the relationship between this nutty drink and constipation.

Got Gut Issues? Is Almond Milk Constipating?

Almond Milk 101

Before we dive deeper, let's have a quick introduction to almond milk. This non-dairy beverage is made by blending almonds with water and then straining the mixture through cheesecloth to remove any solids. As it's plant-based, it contains no lactose or casein found in cow's milk. Therefore, it's often an excellent substitute for those who are intolerant or allergic to dairy products.

The Thickening Controversy

One of the main advantages of using almond milk instead of cow’s milk is that it can be used in baking as well without affecting taste much. However, if you have ever tried making pudding with almond milk/baked muffins/or even oatmeal before,chances are you've noticed a thickness cohesiveness present that has left many wondering exactly why these recipes don’t turn out like they normally do when regular cow’s milk is used.

The answer lies in its viscosity; i.e., how thick or sticky liquid feels when moving around quickly inside their container (another great example would be honey). Unlike watery cow’s-milk-thinner counterparts like rice-milk that easily blends and mixes thoroughly in puddings & baked goods -almond milks thicker consistency doesn't seem quite cooperative/compatible always- sometimes leading to disappointing results such as lumpy textures or clumps/a less tasty version than what was originally intended!

But What About Constipation?

Now back on topic: does consuming too much store-bought-brand-of-almond-milk really lead to constipations among adults? Well.. More research still needs done-but based upon studies from so far- including experiments/dietary evaluations-A true link hasn't yet definitively been established! Most adults should handle moderate amounts of the beverage without developing any issues. Theoretically, though, if someone is intolerant to a specific ingredient in their store-bought brand or has an allergy that specifically impacts bowel movements/GI tract health-then consuming it could lead to gastrointestinal(upset).

To Soak Almonds or Not - Is That Even A Question?

For those nuts about almond milk (pun intended), soaking almonds overnight before blending can help reduce gut irritants such as natural phytic acid levels present within them naturally being on the high-side.. However, some would argue that this depletes nutrients and flavors. Ultimately it becomes up to personal preference when weighing whether sacrificing flavor for reduced potential gastro-intestinal disturbances is worth doing for yourself.

Go Nutty with It

Surprisingly enough too much nut consumption can potentially contribute toward constipation among other symptoms. Yup-that's right not only exist concerns regarding overindulging in cow & soy based milks but also non-dairy alternatives like-usually beloved due myriads-of-many excellent benefits-for negative consequences excessives consumption That said-as long as you don’t go overboard, having almonds every day is very unlikely to cause any major digestive roadblocks.

For example: Eating what you might perceive as a healthful snack throughout your workday nibbling handful-of-almonds alongside-and then enjoying additional few servings later at dinnertime-could easily push your daily intake beyond reasonable limits/causing unwanted bathroom trips.

It’s all in moderation people – even when it comes to these healthy options!

Bottom Line:

While there still looms question marks whether almond milk drinking causes occasional mild intestinal discomfort after prolonged excessive consumption ("provocation trials/future studies are still needed!") contextually speaking-it's last thing anyone wants experiencing trying "plants-based/dairy-free" beverage. As adult consumers, it is up to own discretion and detecting whether/what specific seed-allergies you happen containing making sure avoid brands with suspicious additives choosing moderate nut-consumption amounts throughout your diet.

When all said & done-sometimes keeping things real silkier isn't always the best experience at least not in the world of almond milk/beverages for some people- if interested however any case we cover potentially useful information check out this link {insert hyperlink here}!

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