Happy Baby, Happy Tummy: Reduce Gas in Breastfed Babies

Have you ever heard the phrase "gas pains"? Well, believe it or not, your little bundle of joy can suffer from them too. As a new mom, it can be tough to watch your baby struggle with something as small as gas. But fear not! There are ways to help reduce gas in breastfed babies.

Happy Baby, Happy Tummy: Reduce Gas in Breastfed Babies

Understanding Gas Pains

Before diving into how to reduce gas for your baby, let's first understand what causes these pesky pains. Gas is a natural byproduct of digestion and occurs when food breaks down in the stomach and intestines which creates air pockets.

When babies gulp air while feeding or cry hard for an extended period of time (which they're bound to do), they'll take in extra air that gets trapped inside their belly causing discomfort and flatulence-yes like Farting!. Because newborns have underdeveloped digestive systems - this leads to more prevalent symptoms such as bloating, fussiness ,and crying until you feel almost certain there may be an ambulance bill coming in any minute now.

Unfortunately no matter how much anyone says otherwise Farting doesn't always release all the pressure bubbles on its own hence why we need different ways that will help encourage our lil cuties gut mobility gangster move things along better so he/she feels less gassy.

Taking Note Of Your Diet

Believe it or not Mama bear(you) might be contributing to baby's digestive issues without even realizing it! Some foods contain compounds that lead create stinky gases later on – fruits high-in-fructose like Mangoes,sugary treats/milkshakes((ugggghh Sorry Mom just being honest)). It’s important therefore for mums who want happy-tummy babies among other thingsto keep away from these types cause quite a number of problems for junior. Alas we do not want that now, or ever!

That said moms' diets can also greatly aid the situation – foods rich in fiber such as leafy greens and whole grains will help keep things flowing making junior experience less bloating of gas. Hydration is key here too so ensure to stay well hydrated as possible.

Positioning Matters

Babies just like adults are more likely to experience discomfort when they're trapped close to your lap if it doesn't allow them good air flow thus slowing down digestion. You ought therefore always try different positions while feeding baby which include elevation so tummy contents move along quicker like a DJ Khaled Hit track on repeat Major Key Alert. Here are some recommended postures:

  • The cradle hold
  • Side-Lying Hold
  • Chest-To-Chest Contact

Alternatively for those who have switched from breastfeeding anytime past maybe 6 months you can place him/her into a high-chair-seated position where there's enough room between their stomach and thighs creating no restriction around belly area causing much anticipated relief.

Encourage More Burping Sessions

All hail burping queens yaas indeed! There's nothing quite satisfying than hearing that sweet sound after little one releases a big belch (ok ok lets be honest - Sometimes its not all sweet). As aforementioned babies swallow lots of air during feeds hence prompting extra 'burp sessions prior after each feed goes quite an extra mile towards reducing daytime crying fits and fussy behaviour due to accumulated gas levels trying migrate through poops?!This being because they release any last pockets of bubbles that may be hiding outta sight; resulting in lesser pressure buildup &more comfort.

Here’s how you’ll get started with this technique:-

  1. Once finish up feeding, quickly lift the baby onto/over your shoulder by placing his chin on top.
  2. Tap our fingers at his back gently for about five minutes till he burps
  3. You can also rock him back and forth to get any left over bubbles out.
  4. Voila! the lil' one is now free.

Encouraging some extra burping sessions help decrease the chances of gas pain getting extremely painful or even causing colic.

Massages For Your Little Jellybean

Don’t worry it’s not what you thinking wink. Baby massages are a gentle way to relax your little bundle of joy on top of those relaxed nights rhythmically humbling away as junior peacefully sleeps in his/her crib but they do serve another purpose too – reducing stubborn tummy gases among other things like cramps caused by trapped air pockets-basically anything that has got to do with making our beloveds feel better - so let's dive right into how:

  1. First Place baby flat down into bed or mat
  2. Cup both hands around baby’s belly button & gently press downward slightly for approximately 30 seconds(this will release built-up pressure)
  3. Then slowly start moving child's legs like he/she riding an invisible bicycle (hard, if your brain already skipped ahead- go read again!) Be mindful when doing this step, it helps their lower body area encourage activity thereby churning up& releasing unwanted gas levels .
  4. Give her/him a hug &cuddle time as we all know babies thrive from love,giving them peaceful cuddle moments play significant role relieving stress which might aggravate colicky symptoms

Try Anti-Gas Medication As A Last Resort

When all fails despite all efforts and changes done but no improvement follow , need not struggle dear momma there's still hope in form medicines(please consult doctor first its paramount). Simethicone medication work quite efficiently by combining smaller bubbles together hence much easier pass empty out eventually leaving tot relieved . Though please remember these medications should only be last resort after trying everything else naturally.

In Conclusion

Reducing gas pain in breastfed babies takes effort,patience and keen observation of the lifestyle changes you make. Your diet especially as a breastfeeding mother plays critical role facilitating how much will eventually get passed down to baby - it's important to therefore mind what goes into your own belly if you want junior happy-tummy.

Remember position matters find comfortable ones with adequate support around hip/shoulder areas creating enough room between thighs allowing unrestricted digestion flow. Encouraging frequent Burping sessions,vital massages & medication relieve stubborn cases which could simply just be part of growth progress!

But rest easy mama – It all gets better from here on out!

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