Happy Toileting: Keep Legs Awake!

Did you know that sitting on the toilet for too long can actually be bad for your health? Yep, that's right. Your legs can fall asleep, and if you're not careful, you could end up with some serious circulation issues down there. So what's a person to do when nature calls and they just can't seem to leave the throne? Fear not dear reader, we've got some tips and tricks to help keep those legs awake during even the longest of bathroom breaks.

Happy Toileting: Keep Legs Awake!

Why Do Legs Fall Asleep?

Before we dive into how to avoid it, let's talk about why our legs fall asleep in the first place. When we sit on the toilet or any chair for an extended period of time, our weight compresses our blood vessels causing decreased blood flow to our lower extremities. This lack of proper circulation leads to a "pins and needles" sensation aka paresthesia which signals nerve damage or irritation.

Well now seems like as good a time as any to stand up and stretch out those noodle-y appendages.

Take A Stand

While standing may seem obvious after putting so much pressure on your seat bones leading them all numbness (when exactly did I turn into QWOP) - this is because standing helps release compression from major arteries & veins leading optimal oxygen supply selectively improving overall leg functionality (sorry carry on)- but make sure you don't take it too far by trying balance squats; It takes focus (and strength)!

Don’t worry if it sounds trivial remember constant movement increases muscle tension rather than providing actual relief! Grab onto something sturdy nearby like bathtub edges or sink counter tops in case knees momentarily buckle making sure enough space surrounding personal belongings aimlessly laying beside will only give room for possible accidents once excitement hits!.

Put Some Pep In Your Step

Walking around after sitting down for an extended period of time can do wonders for blood flow. So once you've finished your business, take a little stroll around the bathroom. Or even better, try incorporating a quick march in place (just imagine surviving through breaking news over toilet cubicles in public - phew) to really get those legs pumping.

Flex Those Muscles

Simple stretching exercises promotes muscular optimization accompanied with minimized swelling enhances body resistance against daily physical strains (or squats as mentioned before) (always be careful when bending down). Try out some simple stretches like ankle rotations and calf raises to improve circulation.

Also worth noting that don't engage quads excessively causing uncomfortable strain since our life doesn't come with extra squat racks or versa climbers lying just next to commode seat!

Take A Seat On The Throne

When it comes to proper posture on "The Porcelain God" most people know not leaning too far back so as not chopping off middle intestine circulation otherwise long runs could end up being even longer...What they may not realize is how important their thigh positioning is!

To keep blood flowing while seated ensure thighs are positioned hips whenever nature calls hit(th)? Ensure keeping feet flatly planted at all times allowing resolute grounding hence proper posture will lead maximum contact area between buttocks portions essential for use by everyone regardless gender or age when doing sit-ups on throne. Remember getting enough support does pay off!

Additionally, avoid excessive straining during bowel movements since this cause increased pressure inside rectal cavity leading pudendal nerves irritation which among others controls continence control system!!

Get Up And Go

Still feeling a bit sluggish after trying out these tips? It might be time for some cardio training — running up and down stairs (careful!), jumping jacks or dance maneuvers using kitchen utensils as microphones!. Regardless of what kind of exercise you choose, make sure it gets your heart rate pumping.

So go ahead and embrace making those legs strong once more; Happy Toileting!

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