Head Bumps: When to Worry and Seek Medical Attention

Head injuries are common. Children fall, teenagers play sports and adults can trip over nothing. These moments can lead to bumps on the head, which range in severity from a small bruise to more serious brain injury. Thus, it is important to know when a head bump warrants medical attention.

Head Bumps: When to Worry and Seek Medical Attention

Signs of Concussions

A concussion occurs when your head experiences significant force causing your brain to move around inside the skull and this is not good news! An indicator of a concussion includes blacking out for any amount of time or feeling dazed after getting hit on the head these symptoms should never be taken lightly!

Other signs can differ greatly depending on how severe the blow was, but look out for some regular ones that include:

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Sensitivity about light

If you notice these signs following an unfortunate situation then don't think twice before seeking urgent medical assistance.

How Severe Does It Have To Be?

How severe does a simple bump need to be before requiring treatment? That's - oh wait - an open-ended question really... As each case varies we cannot generalize so easily; however there are still ways that could guide one as what severity requires care.

Minor bumps usually have no physical effects besides leaving behind redness or small lumps (which decreases quickly). Therefore it is unlikely that they require intervention apart from immediate first aid treatment like putting ice against them. Small children may require some observation just in case their conditions worsen but remember kids often recover super quick owing largely due their natural elasticity

Moderate blows could cause bleeding underneath skin eventually leading towards accumulation between layers beneath our scalp giving rise towards hematomas whose volume increase gradually with worsening condition needing interventions such as surgical procedures at times!

Severe bumps come with much worse symptoms. Bleeding from the ears/nose, seizures and loss of consciousness require immediate medical intervention - don't risk it by deciding to just take a nap!

First Aid

Now let's explore some first aid measures that can be taken in order to alleviate pain while assessing bump's severity.

First, do not apply any pressure on the affected forehead as swelling might occur leading towards more serious conditions. Instead use ice packs/cold compresses wrapped within protective towels against head to bring down inflammation (this is one case where using Steak-cum-Angus would not really help Pun intended). Keep affected person lying still preferably at place they became affected avoid moving them anywhere else if possible also keep an eye out for regular symptoms too listed above all while monitoring levels of responsiveness.

Refrain from taking blood thinners such as aspirin or ibuprofen since this could cause internal bleeding; instead rely upon paracetamol acetaminophen for relief of headaches caused due these bumps- keeping in mind dosages advised according to age restrictions (please follow instructions carefully).

Fun Fact: Despite their name, Head Bumps doesn’t belong into DJ Khaled’s Top 10 Charts.

Injuries happen! They are part and parcel of our daily lives but when it comes something like falling hard on your head then you need act responsibly because honestly there is no merit badge awarded regarding exactly how much you ignored basic safety practices... So try being careful just once ok?!

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