Head Shaving Hack: Does Tonsuring Really Boost Hair Growth?

Are you tired of endless hair growth products that promise more volume but don't seem to deliver? Well, we have some good news for you. Tonsuring - the act of shaving one's head entirely- has been hailed as a miracle solution to promoting healthy and rapid hair growth.

What is Tonsuring?

Before we dive into whether tonsuring actually works or not, let's first understand what it means. Tonsure comes from the Latin word "tondere," meaning "to shear" or "to shave." It refers to the practice of completely shaving off all the hair on someone's head - typically for religious reasons.

In recent times, however, tonsure has become an increasingly popular beauty trend among both men and women seeking healthier hair growth. The rationale behind this is simple: when you shave off all your existing damaged hair, new and healthier strands have room to grow unhindered.

A brief history

Believe it or not, tonsure dates back centuries! Various cultures throughout history employed toning practices for different reasons ranging from spiritual purification rituals to social status marks. For example, early Christian clergy members would undergo complete heads-shaving ceremonies as part of their initiation into monastic life.

The Science Behind Tonsure

So does this beauty hack hold any merit at all? Is there actual evidence pointing towards its efficacy? Well...kinda!

While there are no clinical trials directly conducted on shaved heads and hair regrowth, here’s what experts know:

1) When you shave your head even just once, your scalp gets exfoliated in a big way which could lead to less dandruff build-up (goodbye dirty flakes!) 2)Follicle stimulation during shaving process can potentially increase blood flow around the area leading to better oxygenation and delivery of nutrients required for hair growth 3) That being said, please note that post-shave, you’ll lose some protection against environmental pollution and UV rays. The skin on your scalp will be more exposed to damage due to lack of natural oils which typically are spread through the hair.

Debunking the Tonsure Myth: Does Hair Grow Back Thicker?

This is one myth we just need to squash! Contrary to popular belief, shaving will not change the color or texture of our hair due to simple reason that hair grows from follicles located below the skin’s surface - exert no influence over by razor blades.


Let's dive into some facts; similarly in waxing analogy- when we wax off all unwanted body hairs, new strands come up with a tapered end (as opposed sharp-edged ends); making them feel softer and finer eventually growing back thicker over time since they still grow from the same follicles but their cut-end shape makes them 'seem' denser.

However, this doesn't happen with head shaving – even though new strands may seem thicker immediately after shave it's only because existing wider bulkier shafts have been shaved off leaving behind mini baby hairs next around these ‘big guns’.

Furthermore, experts bust another false claim entailing use of razors stimulating hormones resulting in increased density- there's simply no legit scientific proof outlining testosterone involvement leading tonically-induced hypertrichosis.

Tonsuring Benefits

Taking Care of a Shaved Head: The Dos and Don'ts

If you're looking at getting onto this trend yourself... Here are some do’s and don’ts before grabbing those clippers:


  • Keep that dome fresh & clean using mild shampoos or conditioners!
  • Moisturize like theres nothing else left in life err..not really but you get the gist, baby oil or coconut oils are your go to.
  • Wear a hat if its hot and humid to avoid skin burns!


  • Say goodbye to razors... For good! Ingrown hairs can be painful or unsightly.
  • The last thing you want after shaving is sun damage. Always wear sunscreen or apply leave-in conditioners with SPF properties when out in sun!


At this point, it should be clear that there’s no one solution for everyone looking hair regrowth hack. Factors like age, gender and hormones all play a part in what causes baldness or slowing of hair growth rate.

If anything post-quarantine 2020 has taught us; sometimes less is more mute button on those who beg too differ-and least then until further research of topicals supplements will come around- make use most of optimal nutrition regime , reducing as much chronic stress/anxiety triggers possible while being regular check up's with medical professionals regarding hormonal imbalances are an absolute must!ridiculously long sentence warning

All things considered - why not give tonsuring a try? You never know the kind of natural radiance which lay hidden beneath monstrous tresses.

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