Heartburn and Excess Saliva: A Troublesome Duo?

Heartburn is a common condition that affects many people. It can cause discomfort, pain, and even lead to other health issues if left untreated. Many people suffer from heartburn but do not realize they have it until the symptoms become severe. In addition to heartburn, another pesky symptom often accompanies it: excess saliva production (a.k.a. hypersalivation). In this article, we will delve into what causes these two conditions and some tips on how to manage them.

Heartburn and Excess Saliva: A Troublesome Duo?

What is Heartburn?

Before jumping into why excess saliva occurs alongside heartburn, let's define what heartburn is in simpler terms than your average medical journal.

Definition: Heartburn occurs when stomach acid rises back up into the esophagus causing an uncomfortable burning sensation in the chest area; usually just behind or below breastbone (cue chest pains).

The overproduction of digestive acids kicks off chemical reactions with enzymes triggering an opening between our stomachs and esophaguses resulting in "heart" burn sensations (pun intended).

At times beginners experience miniature gastrointestinal disturbances while others overtime get used to acidic refluxes ruining pizza night (mamma mia!)

Why Does Heart Burn Occur?

In general, there are several factors responsible for causing occasional nightmarish flare-ups but here are some major culprits:

  • Overeating
  • Lying down immediately after consuming heavy meals
  • Spicy processed foods
  • Caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea (one twin loves these bad boys compared to his brother who prefers swimming pools full of cold water)
  • Alcohol/ smoking regularly which remind us again WHY drinking/smoking maybe HARMFUL TO HEALTH!

All these reasons mentioned above result in sharp increases of muriatic fluids coursing through food canals possibly leading towards damage/infections due to increased pH levels. So, eat healthy and keep these factors in mind to prevent heartburn.

Excess Saliva

Hypersalivation, as it's technically known, is ranked among uncommon symptoms associated chiefly with chronic acid reflux disease. Nevertheless the most frequent root causes of excess saliva are:

  • GERD or Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Side effect/interaction of particular drugs like chemotherapy
  • Pregnancy can also have your salivary glands upping their ante (pregnant ladies hold on we're coming at you)

The fundamental reason that extra fluid builds up in our stomachs when we deal with heartburn (as previously mentioned) often becomes problematic for overstimulated glands which then result in excess saliva being produced overtime. It may seem harmless most times but regular occurrences can surely hinder everyday life experiences!

Tips and Tricks for Managing Heart Burn

Here are few tips to hopefully relieve you from this frustrating duo!

Change Eating Habits

Chew well: Chew slowly during every meal if possible because digestion actually starts within our mouths where food encounters nutrients from enzymes mixed with a plentiful supply of moistures resulting in mouthful presentation by tougher bodily chemicals. Correctly-chewed bites conjointly assist Gastric juices and helps counteract succulent meltdowns (slurp slurp)

Small meals!: Refrain from having heavy portions during breakfast/lunch/dinner time period; instead consider 5 small portions per day to avoid stimulating hypogastrium or "lower stomach area" as physicians like referring to.

Sleep/Sitting Routines

Elevation elevation ELEVATION!: raise head while sleeping/sitting - this reduces physical stress on lower oesophagal valve (aka gastroesophageal valvula) helping alleviate acidic changes making things less harmful overall.

Avoid Triggers

Try avoiding foods/drinks that cause troublesome restlessness for instance: - Coffee - Carbonated drinks - Chocolate (sad times our favorite desserts come with a price)

Management Tips for Excess Saliva

Maintain Consistent Dental & Oral Hygiene

Make sure to consult your dentist and follow routine oral hygiene practices like brushing/flossing teeth, gargling mouthwash (the flavor depends on you) twice daily.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated via sips of water throughout the day; Try cutting down consumption levels of caffeine/ carbonated sodas if possible. Drinking enough fluids produces better hydration than tonic diuretics alongside regulating excessive buildups within salivary glands. Ain't nobody wants drool all day!

Try Chewing Sugar-Free Gum!

Chew sugar-free gums containing Xylitol (a type of alcohol) which promote saliva production as well as protect against tooth decay - killing two birds with one stone right?


In conclusion, experiencing heartburn along with excess saliva can surely create problems around everyday life experiences both physically and mentally. One must always keep track off their underlying medical condition(s), ingestion habits leading towards such complications (especially GERD users!). Efforts should be made when necessary to make essential changes required not only in diet/daytime routines but also sleeping positions maintaining overall good health for years to come!

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