Here are five options: 1. Toddler-Approved Tips for Shower Success 2. Squeaky Clean: Getting Your Toddler to Shower 3. No More Struggles: How to Get Your Toddler to Shower 4. Start the Day Right: Helping Your Toddler Love Showers 5. Tiny Tots, Big Suds: Easy Ways to Get Toddlers into the Bath

Toddlers can be a handful, and getting them to take a shower can sometimes feel like an impossible task. From tears to tantrums, there's always something that seems to hold them back from enjoying the experience. That said, bath time is essential for your child's hygiene routine, especially during the pandemic. As such, we've put together this guide on how to best get your toddler in the shower without any fuss or fight.

Here are five options: 

1. Toddler-Approved Tips for Shower Success
2. Squeaky Clean: Getting Your Toddler to Shower
3. No More Struggles: How to Get Your Toddler to Shower
4. Start the Day Right: Helping Your Toddler Love Showers 
5. Tiny Tots, Big Suds: Easy Ways to Get Toddlers into the Bath

Understanding Your Toddler

Before you go ahead and try any of our suggestions below, it's important first to understand why toddlers seem so resistant when it comes time for showers:


Baths also mean water — which is not everyone's favorite thing.


If baths weren't part of their daily routine before they became a toddler/ started daycare — it might take some convincing.

Control issues

Toddlers want control over most things as they start developing their independence; taking a bath feels out of their grasp.

Once you know what makes up these tiny humans' psychology let 's get down into business!

Toddler-Approved Tips for Shower Success

Here are strategies that kids will approve before starting soaking in suds:

Make It Fun

Fun should be incorporated into every aspect of bathing! Whether its toys filling up water squishies or playing with bubbles— make sure your tot knows that getting into the water = playtime!

Another way could be recreating those shower bombs y'all love making at Lush – but pasting toy surprises inside instead

Psst…you don't need fancy schmancy bomb molds either; use muffin pans and food coloring if required (but lower levels).

Be Flexible

Kids have moods & anxieties - one day even being naked could scare them while others soak in bubble baths undisturbed. Always ask them where they want to bathe: you might find out they feel cooped up in your mansion sized tub.

Note: This suggestion may also require yoga breathing for parents, especially if their bathroom floors and countertops bear the brunt of daily lively bath time sessions!

Use Their Vocabulary

Using familiar language creates an energetic connection. 'Giggle to avoid soap suds nuzzles' or 'duck when washing hair helps keep water out of eyes (like a real duck)' can be a hit with kids.

Rewards Matter

If all else fails, use treats like stickers, mini toys or opt for songs/dances— remind them what lies at the end of each bath successfully taken.

Psst... Positive reinforcement often works better than negative punishment. Instead of punishing that baby human who doesn't want to shower; try rewarding good behavior after training it.

Squeaky Clean: Getting Your Toddler To Shower

Having trouble making showers enjoyable?

Here are some strategies focused on actually getting toddlers into the shower:

Introduce Them Early On

Water is not something everybody loves ahem –thirsty Spongebob Squarepants- but introducing babies early can enhance water confidence as they grow older!

This process from infancy ain’t gotta be complex either, just sprinkle warm water over limbs during diaper changes until turning into enjoyable baths/ showers right before bedtime/ nap-time break!

Pro-Tip: Folks without bathtubs get plumbing workarounds such as seat wrap-around gigamesh mesh buckets among other inventions sure done protecting kiddo's safety 😉

Nothing sums this up quite like its title –

Prepared? Let’s dive in;

Set A Routine Schedule

Routine makes regularity feel normal i.e., set times between 6pm–7pm make bathing predictable & stress-free by adding more structure onto a toddler’s day thus, giving them a sense of control over their bathtime.

Bring In Something Familiar

New shit always seems scary; introduce things that make this routine feel like any other part of the day e.g fun (but educational) bathtoy which appears frequently within storybooks children read at bedtime or relaxing bath scents all around.

Pro-tip: Filling your bathtub with bath salts in neutral or soft colors can be time-saving and therapeutic for parents, especially during stressful work periods.

Start The Day Right: Helping Your Toddler Love Showers

Starting the day off right is essential to set up happy moods– don't wait until just before bed to ask them to take a shower.

Some strategies are:

Morning Wash Session <br/Let Them Control The Temperature

Allow toddlers independence by letting 'em adjust water temperature themselves, leading to newfound body autonomy when getting ready for the day ahead;

Got sulky turkeys who never want to leave? Try making them reward points they accumulate throughout week through quality hygiene as well!

Make it An Adventure with Props & Stories

Storytime needn’t stop after tuck-in! Use waterproof musical toys—while orchestrating a safari rescue mission against grime living in crevices between toes using soapy lion friends- + beach bucket props while pretending y’all on own private island lagoon!

Fun fact: 23% more kids jump into showers willingly once exposed regularly x +20 characters per month!

Tiny Tots Big Suds : Easy Ways To Get Toddlers Into The Bath

Sometimes, you need hacks quick fast hurry if regular laws fail altogether:

Here are shortcuts called “Trojan Horses”

Treat Before Bath Time

Many moms find snacks before baths weeks wonders since calisthenics have no power here.

If bribing with food ain’t necessarily viable for some –try enticing toothbrushings with alluring toothbrush toppers or new stories never shared before.

Capitalize On Your Toddler’s Favorite Thing

If your kiddo can’t usually start bath time you gotta get the troops together. Simple: bring their favorite toy, show 'em that regular playtime activities only happen otherwise there scheduled bathing time!

Not Sure What Your Child Will Love In The Bath? Here Are Some Toy Ideas:

Squirters Animals & Ocean Figures
$6 on Amazon and Wal-Mart $11 on Amazon/ $12 Walmart

Pro-Tip: Make sure any toys used in the tub are safe for toddlers! Don't exceed warning labels - even if yours seem more mature than average.

Finding Common Ground

Players gonna do what players gonna do- Use training matching game some night; washcloth arches needing soapy figures swimming through!

This is ideally suitable for younger children who still enjoy games of this nature while getting clean at once.

Psst… For older kids – try replacing a card swiping activity with soap suds + alphabet search!

In Conclusion,

Encouraging your toddler to take showers shouldn't be about forcing them into something they don't want – instead, it should be an experience that's fun and enjoyable for everyone involved! So let's remember parts where we listed our strategies proving useful and implement one plan at a time until finding out what suits us best——and make shower-time memories worth years of inside laughter upon recollection like embarassing grandparents sharing childhood bathtime stories.

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