High Blood Pressure Alert: Is 146/86 a Cause for Concern?

High Blood Pressure Alert: Is 146/86 a Cause for Concern?

Don't panic yet. A blood pressure reading of 146/86 is undoubtedly high, but that alone does not necessarily mean you're at risk of imminent doom. However, high blood pressure can increase the chance of serious health problems like heart attack or stroke later on in life if left unchecked.

So what are some potential consequences of untreated hypertension and what can you do to take control? Let's investigate.

Understanding Blood Pressure

Before we delve into the dangers, let's cover your basics. What is blood pressure anyway?

Blood pressure refers simply to the amount of force generated by your heart as it pumps blood through your arteries' walls throughout the body (systolic) as well as during rest periods (diastolic). Typically measured with an inflatable cuff placed around one arm by doctors or available via easy-to-use personal monitors, these numbers tend to be expressed using millimeters Mercury (mmHg).

The ideal range for most healthy adults sits somewhere under 120 over 80 mm Hg - this reflects systolic/diastolic readings accordingly.

However , different factors such as age-related changes (), medications (these too?) (maybe include )and illness can make it difficult determine everybody’s ideal figures; experts suggest keeping rates below 130/89 for adult populations.

Interesting tidbit alert: did you know each heartbeat creates two pressures—high compression when pushing out almost half a litre-fulls of fresh circulatory system from behind its chamber then lower suction forces aiding relaxation until demand builds up once more?

Yep, that Heart machine truly is incredible!

The Consequences Of Neglecting Your Health Now

If left untreated/higher than desired care menagement , other symptoms Iike vision loss , kidney failure, severe headaches and among others .elevated heart attack/stroke risks could develop later down the line; to keep tabs on what is taking place within, tracking blood pressure makes practical sense for long-term outlooks.

And if that’s not enough, let’s break it down more:

Heart Attack

Think of heart attack as squeezing arteries tight while enjoying fries and soda—how quickly your body metabolises salt from this food further contributes to chronic high watchouts, culminating in serious complications such as inflammation build ups creating calcium-clogged circulantory path ways--the highest probability cause of cardiac arrest (not ideal).


A stroke may occur in extreme instances and possibly incapacitate a chunk/portion of brain tissue. The risk tends to be higher among individuals with high blood pressure due to the arterioles overworking themselves by compensating for narrowed or thickened blood vessel interiors obstructing flow; weakened wall resilient tissues burst under intense demand, leading to hemorrhages/the presence in one’s cerebrospinal fluid -or worse- forever impacting communications between brain cells depending on the location affected.

16 Tips To Lower Your Blood Pressure Right Now()

So we’ve established that you needn’t panic just yet but before you go chowing down on a bunch banans hoping their potassium content will magically fix everything… Let's run through our top tips toi help lower your current levels;

  1. Salt Reduction
  2. Give Junk Food A Pass :
  3. Say Yes To More Fruits & Vegetables!
  4. Quit Smoking 🙁 Really!) 5.Limit Daily Alcohol Intake
    6.Review Thy Medications 7.Get Physical Often()() 8.Stress Management Techniques Are Key=????‍♀️ 9.Switch To Dark Chocolate ???? 10.Try Consuming Cbd ???? Oil 11.Yoga & Aerobic Activites Make All The Difference! 12.Nutrition Supplements Are Not Too Shabby Either ???? While You’re At It. 13.Powerful Vitamin D- ????????‍♀️ 14.Weight Loss Improves Your Body's ‘Pump 'n Rest’ Game On All Cylinders! ???? 15.Healthy Sleep Patterns Are Pretty Vital Too????☾ 16.Limit Post-Job Enjoyment -Too Much Stimulant Makes Jack A Dull Boy ????

Congratulations are in order if you made it through the list—in fact, here’s another fun-fact to consider: did you know that combining several of these tips can lower your reading by as much as 20 mmHg/? This seems about just right for someone with borderline hypertension reading like similar to a 146/86 case.


The bottom line when looking at high BP is about getting healthy again by consistently self-monitoring and incorporating small lifestyle changes until yourself feel more comfortable. Alcohol and cigarettes must be ditched/Kicked out too; by doing this alone rates may drop up to five points without needing medication! Evidently , action required today does not happen overnight so perseverance for longevity good overall health needed in all aspects of your life. Don't underestimate what effective thoughtfulness and intentional persistence can do—steady improvements will soon have you eyeing those perfectly ripe bananas or wandering down the rhythm-grooving lane with each success rate checkup()().

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