Hookah and Pregnancy: To Smoke or Not to Smoke?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, full of excitement for the birth of your little bundle(s) of joy. However, it can also be a confusing time as you navigate through numerous do's and don'ts from well-meaning family members and friends, including questions about smoking hookah while pregnant.

Hookah and Pregnancy: To Smoke or Not to Smoke?

Should you smoke hookah during pregnancy?

While we cannot make this decision for you (duh), let’s take a closer look at what science has to say on the matter.

What is Hookah?

Before we dive in any further, if you're not familiar with hookah (also known as shisha or waterpipe), here’s a quick rundown:

Hookah consists of a tall glass base that's filled with flavored water; attached to the top is an elongated pipe where charcoal sits atop tobacco mixture. When heat from the burning charcoal passes down into the mixture below – typically consisting of dried fruit extracts mixed with tobacco - it creates vapors which are then sucked through hoses by smokers.

The origins of smoke use go back many centuries but have only recently gained popularity in Western culture.

How harmful could it be?’ One drag won’t hurt… right?

Welllllll, nope. The thing is smoking anything at all remains one habit that doctors advise expectant mothers against indulging in throughout their nine-month journey since inhaling substances like tar and nicotine isn’t good for babies developing inside mommies! An American Journal Of Obstetrics & Gynecology study finds women averaging two-n–a-half ounces per weekly exposure over long periods lead newborn problems ranging across fussiness all way up obesity rates later life…it true!

And yes,hookah counts too, just because its gorgeous flavors seem less dangerous compared to cigarette habit.

Negatives from Smoking Hookah

Here are some major reasons why experts discourage smoking hookah while pregnant:

  1. Premature birth

    Chain-smokers are more prone to go into early labor day in and out because inhaling substances like tar or nicotine weaken the uterus lining making it vulnerable, leading to sudden birth spurts which may happen hours after taking that final puff (even if you believe that brand-new Green Apple flavor won’t affect your kicking baby!)

  2. Low Birth Weight

According to a research review article for Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinics of North America found out that hooks intense tobacco mixture smokers tended lightweight deliveries as opposed those expectant ladies who never smoked entirely time being receptive babies inside them!

  1. Nicotine Addiction

Hookah is extremely beneficial for people dealing with addictions and other health problems, but certainly not when pregnant since nicotine easily affects fetal development! If you’re already addicted keep away from addiction-enhancing products find support through non-medicinal sources.

And finally…

  1. Carbon Monoxide poisoning

    Smoke coming off hookah doesn't only contain tobacco fumes – charcoal emits CO too… sometimes twice amount toxic gas contained cigarette smoke according Centers Disease Control Prevention(USA). CO brings about oxygen deprivation forcing red blood cells work overtime in attempts function body organs limiting absorption inside growing fetus causing lower than standard within/ body needs adequate blood circulation maintain healthy pregnancy proces

Useful Tips

If you can’t imagine life without smoke.

Here’s what doctors advise:

  • Stick w/e-cigars instead regular ones supposedly releasing fewer chemicals proving relatively safe use around unborn cohabitants.
  • Researchers warn against ‘herbal’ alternatives majority best reserved adult activity appropriateness medical viewpoint remains controversial whether components induce issues survivors stressful pregnancies!

Your Responsibility as an Expecting Mother

In conclusion: Yes, smoking hookah while pregnant significantly endangers both mom's wellness & her baby's safety leaving us no choice but to implore smokers quit for the sake of health. Remember: a healthy pregnancy means avoiding smoking entirely, no matter how ‘relaxing’ it seems.

So if you're pregnant and feeling like having a hookah session with your friends, just think about that precious little child growing inside of you. Their health should always be on top priority.

Cheers to happy, healthy pregnancies!

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