How Much Should a 19 Year Old Female Weigh? Find Out Now!

Are you a 19-year-old female wondering how much you should weigh? Well, worry no more because we are here to break it down for you in a fun and entertaining way. Weight is just a number but it can affect your self-esteem, your health and even the clothes that fit you best. So let's dive in and find out what's normal.

How Much Should a 19 Year Old Female Weigh? Find Out Now!

Weight Expectations at 19

At 19 years old, the average height for females is approximately 5 feet, 4 inches (162.56 cm) according to most growth charts. However, as stated earlier weight expectations vary depending on many factors such as body composition (fat vs muscle), genetics or hormonal imbalances.

Factors affecting Body Weight


I mean there is only so much you can do if your grandma’s side of family is known to have really huge behinds! Sometimes we inherit our genes from our parents which includes their body types.

For instance an ectomorph would be someone tall with lean muscles who does not gain weight easily while an endomorph has more fat cells than muscle tissue leading to ease of weight gain (everything tickles my taste buds).

Hormone fluxes

Homeslice know when Aunt Flo pays her visits every month starting singing "We belong together" by Mariah Carey BUT she also means extra water retention which increases total body mass (you are not getting any chubbier sweetie)!

Also past pregnancy or hormonal treatments like birth control pills alter natural hormone levels translating into fluctuating weights.

BMI Calculations

Let’s start off by calculating what’s called the ‘Body Mass Index’ (BMI) . This particular number helps assess healthy ranges according to all different heights. All one needs to know its their height(in meters) and current weight(kg). The higher the BMI number whether over or under the healthy rangs would mean an altered body composition.

Weight Ranges and It's Effects


An individual is said to be underweight if their BMI lies below 18.5 (bean pole alert!)

It could indicate a dangerous lack of nourishment, metabolic rate issues like thyroid hypofunction or even eating disorders (put that cheeseburger down Karen!)

If not addressed can lead to stunted growth, heart complications (like arrhythmia) , hair loss and fatigue.

Healthy weight range

You're in this range when your BMI falls between 18.5-24.9 (Hello beautiful)!!! Not only does it relate into lowered risk factors against chronic illnesses such as obesity-linked conditions including Type II diabetes but usually means high energy levels(Kanye West level ego)

Overweight/obese ranges

BMI values more than or equal to 25 indicates being overweight while a person with a value equaling or greater than 30 has entered obesity territory (Houston we have landed!)

This suggests whopping unhealthy ranges of mass which correspondingly signals increased chances of heart problems like hypertension , joint pain, gastrointestinal problems & mental health struggles!

Real-life Scenarios

Say you`re Stacey who weighs around 56 kgs . Aspiring for healthy Body Mass Index that falls in the middle ground? Instead our mathematiscal genius friends recommend Stacey reach at least up to about -68 kg .

Tanya on the other hand starts off her journey with weighing around 81 kg but wants to drop well below her current position.. To achive ideal results by staying within preferrable BMIs Tanya will need to shed roughly around (-16kgs) making final numbers say something like about 65kg.

Marketable weight loss strategy companies may argue way above these limits(that`s cute) but research shows aiming for 5%-10% total body weight loss is much more adherable to hence likely to be beneficial long term.

Focus on Health not Numbers

Ultimately, as with any statistical measurements this limit cited in this article could have few discrepancies. The difficulty lies in accurately pinpointing goals or determining the appropriate number since each of our bodies are unique and operates differently! Keep up with healthy habits , make achievable goals and do NOT obsess over numbers! Your mental well-being matters (boss babes know no boundaries)

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