How to Regrow a Lost Toenail: Tips and Tricks

Losing a toenail is not only painful, but it can also be embarrassing. But don't worry, regrowing your lost toenail is possible! In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks on how to regrow your lost toenail.

How to Regrow a Lost Toenail: Tips and Tricks

Get Your Wound Checked-Out

Before trying any of the tips and tricks in this article, it's essential to make sure that you've had your wound checked out by a medical professional. This step is crucial because there might be an infection that needs treatment or other underlying conditions that require immediate attention.

Keep The Area Clean And Dry

Keeping the area clean and dry is essential for the healing process of your toe. It helps prevent infections from occurring while ensuring that new nail growth remains healthy. Make sure always to wash the affected area every day with soap and water after which you should dry it thoroughly using a clean towel.

Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties which make it perfect for promoting rapid healing around wounds like those caused by missing toenails. Not only does applying coconut oil help prevent infections, but it also encourages healthy nail growth as well!

To use coconut oil effectively:

  1. Soak cotton wool in virgin coconut oil
  2. Place on the affected area;
  3. Let sit till completely set
  4. Repeat two times in one day

Be consistent as results take time before showing up!

Natural Food Supplements Can Help You With Better Nail Growth

Vitamin D, Biotin supplements are great options when looking to grow strong nails naturally; they help strengthen nails at their root level thereby causing better uniformity during growth periods.

Adding food richs in these vitamins such as almonds or spinach could improve overall health too.

Vitamin D Supplement Pills

Consuming vitamin-D pills gradually provide necessary minerals for healthy nail growth.

Biotin Supplement Pills

Biotin supplements act as bridge between body and keratin-rich structures to help with better hair and fingernail/nail longevity.

Protect Your Toenails

While your toenails regrow, it's crucial to protect them so that they don't break or get injured further. My favorite tips on how best you can do this are:

  • Avoid Walking Barefooted
  • Do not cut it after the first grow!!
  • Wear Comfortable Socked Shoes rather than tight shoes since that leads to bruises against overgrown nails
  • Physical protection e.g., placing an immobilizing tape over the affected toe(s)

Doing all of these things will ensure that your toenail has a chance to heal and grow back healthily!

Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils have healing properties which can facilitate faster sure for wounds by promoting cell development among skin cells nearby where the wound occurs, an example in point is tea tree oil known for its antifungal properties that keep any foreign elements away from affecting normal growth on required areas like nails.

Steps involve: 1. Add 3 drops of lavender essential oil; 2. add 1 drop tea-tree essential oils; 3. Mix a tablespoon of carrier oil (Jojoba Oil) 4. Soak cotton wool into mixture & apply gently onto affected area. 5. Leave overnight before rinsing in warm water when dry.

Do this every night before bedtime consistently!

Don't Pull Nail Polish Stickers Off!!

If you're using a sticker-based polish removal system, you might want to consider changing methods if your nail bed remains exposed accidentally! Removing stickers attached on top could potentially hurt wounded tissue surrounding near where there was no nail i.e., way less protection as well expose more dirt accumulation opportunities.

Funny fact: Joggers suffering from lost-nails have began identifying their peers by these nail-loss occurrences, yep the can recognize each other miles away ๐Ÿ™‚

Garlic: Nature's Antibiotic

Garlic has natural antibiotic and antifungal properties that can help prevent infections from developing after losing a toenail. To use garlic to promote healing:

  1. Crush several cloves of garlic into a paste.
  2. Apply this paste directly to your affected area.
  3. Leave it for up-to 5 minutes before washing off with luke-warm water and cleaning towel
  4. Repeat once daily till entirely healed.

With consistent usage, you'll have healthy nails in no time!

Wearing Fingernail Polish & Make-Up below the Toenails?

It's best that you avoid wearing polish or make-up below your toenails since they could alter growth as well, making them more prone to breaking-off easily since there is little protective shield around! This may only contribute further knee pain particularly when jogging on rough surfaces like road pavements.

P.S.: You know whatโ€™s worse than big feet? Smelly feet!


While losing a toenail can be painful and embarrassing, we hope these tips and tricks will help you regrow your lost toenail back quickly! Remember always to keep the area clean and dry, protect your toes from any harm ensure necessary supplements are added while promoting overall foot health such as massages or regular pedicures non-negligible!.

After trying out one (or several) of our suggestions mentioned above; if at any point no improvements occur; do not hesitate to seek professional medical assistance because someone else might have come across an even better way ๐Ÿ™‚

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