How Your Little Miracle Grows: 5 Months Pregnant Baby Bump

Congratulations! You've made it to the halfway point of your pregnancy. At this time, you are experiencing a lot of changes in your body, and so is your little one. It's amazing how much can happen in just five months.

How Your Little Miracle Grows: 5 Months Pregnant Baby Bump

Yay for the bump!

By now, most women start showing an obvious baby bump that makes them more aware (and sometimes self-conscious) of their growing size. Let's talk about some interesting features and developments happening inside that adorable protruding belly.

Month Size
1 Poppyseed
2 Blueberry
3 Raspberry
4 Avocado
5 Mango
6 Papaya

Mango or avocado?

At five months pregnant (Yas Queen) ,your baby has grown as big as a mango or avocado; depending on who you ask.-Throwing serious shade at my OBGYN. He or she measures about six inches from crown to rump and weighs roughly ten ounces — yes, almost three hundred grams. The brain starts developing rapidly around now too.

More Hair

Those tiny baby hairs started growing so fast! And eyebrows with eyelashes have sprouted too - Wait what!? I’m sure if I am ready for any “mini-me” arguments. Fun fact- During pregnancy hair growth cycles seem to slow down leading to less shedding.

Kicking up High

Your little miracle has been practicing the art of kicking like a pro lately but they decided it’s time for something new - higher aerial movements are on tap from here out!

Sharpening Sensory Organs

Their taste buds begin forming while being accompanied by the sense of hearing and vision which are already in place. These organs continue to sharpen as they navigate their way into the world.

Gender Reveal

If you've been waiting until halfway through your pregnancy to learn the sex of your little one, congratulations! You have reached that pivotal moment- #PinkOrBlue will soon come true.

The Changes in Your Body

Symptom Description
Heartburn This burning sensation is caused when acid from your stomach flows back up into your esophagus (acid reflux). -Joyous times
Round ligament pain It feels like a sharp, shooting pain on either side of your belly under the bump. It's usually triggered by sudden movement or stretching — remember not doing too much with baby around
Breathlessness As your little one continues growing, they occupy more space inside Your abdomen leading sometimes to difficulty taking deep breaths- I wouldn’t mind blaming it all on my unborn child though
Spider veins Increased blood volume puts pressure on blood vessels resulting in visible webs of blue-purple veins especially those legs


Cravings for certain foods can be common at this stage, but don't be alarmed if you crave non-food items such as soap or chalk; needing odd snacks can be a completely normal occurrence (Sometimes I convince myself eating crayons aren't an issue anymore)

More Energy

As second-trimester fatigue gradually makes its exit towards a more energy levelled approach— embrace it! Complete some overdue projects that had been previously brushed off during early pregnancy times.

## Good News: First Glance Scan! It’s almost time to view what kept kicking week-after-week via ultrasound machines - exciting! A minimum four scans are done throughout gestation with two standard: Anomaly scan at 20 weeks and the dating scan that happens much earlier. The Anomaly scans are important because they ensure developing organs inside baby’s body is on track.

It's truly remarkable how fast your little miracle is growing, and how much change you've gone through already in just five months of pregnancy. Have a great month ahead as you gear up for an exciting final trimester!

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